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My vx220 project

Discussion in 'Projects' started by vocky, November 14, 2006.

  1. I have spent the last week replacing the webcon ECU with the Omex 710 :)

    webcon ECU and loom removed

    new 470cc injectors, I am running them at 3 Bar

    old stuff waiting to be removed

    new stuff going on :D
  2. OEM Saab B207 coolant sensor - which is now calibrated on the Omex ecu

    Mechanical work all done, just about to start the wiring

    I decided to remove, repair and make good the whole rear chassis loom

    slowly getting there, notice the new 6 pin plug for the Omex ecu wiring, I decided to make the loom removable unlike the webcon loom which was hard wired (it was an early loom, before they made the plug and play versions)
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  3. I forgot to take any more photos, will get some as it's up and running :D
  4. so these are the latest 'work in progress' pics

    I am waiting for a new fuse/relay box to arrive, so thats why the relays and fuses are a mess :p

    I am also still working on the timing / cam sensor, so thats why the timing light is attached

    I made a new loom, which follows the rough path of the original vx220 engine loom.
    The white cloth needs removing, good spot :LOL:

    Penny and Giles TPS sensor fitted.
    I had to drill and tap a new hole for the upper mounting screw, the lower one was fine. I also had to cut a few mm off the throttle bodies spindle
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  5. the new fuse / relay box arrived, so that got fitted :)


    top row - spare, starter relay, spare
    bottom row - Aux coolant pump, Injectors/Lambda, Fuel Pump
    Fuses - (from top) ECU, spare, DaviesCraig controller, Aux pump, Injectors/Lambda, Fuel Pump
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  6. you don't hang about