My vx220 project

I have spent the last week replacing the webcon ECU with the Omex 710 :)

webcon ECU and loom removed

new 470cc injectors, I am running them at 3 Bar

old stuff waiting to be removed

new stuff going on :D
OEM Saab B207 coolant sensor - which is now calibrated on the Omex ecu

Mechanical work all done, just about to start the wiring

I decided to remove, repair and make good the whole rear chassis loom

slowly getting there, notice the new 6 pin plug for the Omex ecu wiring, I decided to make the loom removable unlike the webcon loom which was hard wired (it was an early loom, before they made the plug and play versions)
so these are the latest 'work in progress' pics

I am waiting for a new fuse/relay box to arrive, so thats why the relays and fuses are a mess :p

I am also still working on the timing / cam sensor, so thats why the timing light is attached

I made a new loom, which follows the rough path of the original vx220 engine loom.
The white cloth needs removing, good spot :LOL:

Penny and Giles TPS sensor fitted.
I had to drill and tap a new hole for the upper mounting screw, the lower one was fine. I also had to cut a few mm off the throttle bodies spindle
I have finally managed to get the LSJ cam sensor to synch with the crank 60-2 trigger wheel, then I found the correct ignition timing and it started straight away :D

So it is now running fully sequential with individual spark plug coils (coil on plug) :)
in hindsight it's very easy to work out, but it took ages to get there :confused:

ecu was supplied with 90 degree offset, trigger wheel was roughly 117 degrees, so 27 degrees difference, 24 points in the ECU trigger wheel map: thus 1 point = 15 degrees, 27 divided by 15 = 1.8

Actual offset = 2.125 - allowing for a not 100% perfect 117 degree trigger wheel thats not far out from the maths above
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the main reason for not starting on fully seq was the cam sensor, I originally set it as per the LSJ engine. So a small tooth at Number 1 firing and large tooth as Number 4 fires.
By removing the cam sensor assembly, turning the internal trigger disc 180 degrees and refitting the cam sensor, so small tooth as Number 4 fires and large tooth as Number 1 fires, the ECU got the sych ON command. Basically the Omex got a longer signal when Number 1 is about to fire.
Then it was a case of getting the correct offset figured out, because the semi-seq timing was 0.1055 I thought why not try 0, 6, 12, 18. It fired straight up, but Omex did not want the timing set at 0, so readjusted the coil timing back to 10, 16, 22, 4 and offset the crank trigger wheel to 2 and after fine adjustment it was 14.125 (it did not like 2.125, so added 12 - which is 360 degrees / one engine revolution)

edit: by switching off the tickover 'scatter spark' it is much easier to set the exact timing on any Omex ecu
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Stupid Bollocks
the infinity has many many configuration options for triggers

on the setup it locks the offset to 10* and then you crank the engine with a timing light and adjust the offset till the marks line up on the crank
then run the engine and fine tune the offset
even get a nice page for the triggers but you can upload a diagnostic software to the ecu and test trigger in raw data
So mapping did not go too well (n)

Issues with the external trigger wheel (again), so the only real option is to strip the engine and fit an internal trigger wheel

The reason I never fitted an internal trigger wheel when I built the engine was because the 90mm pistons hit the B207 trigger wheel and due to using the webcon external trigger wheel I simply left it off.
The Omex needs a 60-2 trigger wheel so I fitted an external universal aftermarket item, for whatever reason this does not give a clean signal after 6500rpm and 220bhp is not what I call decent power :LOL:
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Something which I discovered today is that the LE5 block is machined differently for the crank sensor, 3mm nearer the crank on a LE5 engine

So 3mm too far away on a B207 block :mad:

Pic below is a mock up engine using a B207 block and B207 crank, but the trigger wheel is in the same location


I have ordered a different crank sensor, 38mm instead of 35mm. Hopefully it will fit okay
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the replacement GM 38mm crank sensor arrived, however the mounting tab was 180 degrees out from where I needed it to be. The only option was to chop it off and make an alloy version on my milling machine.




gap looks better

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The new crank sensor is Hall effect rather than VR, so an extra wire and a three pin plug is required for the crank sensor wiring loom.

Also the Omex ecu needs a link adding to the crank sensor selector, basically three pins and the link connects two together so the ecu knows what style of crank sensor is fitted. I will also have to edit the crank sensor settings to match the Hall effect sensor.