Harrop Engine Build


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vocky said:
so the power results.....

Courtenay mapping achieved 305 bhp with the GM supercharger showo..

the owner is debating whether to fit a Harrop sc to get possibly 380+ bhp :wtf:
Did the owner end up fitting the Harrop or stick with the GM charger?


I believe it's now so quick he has decided to get driver training before increasing the power with a Harrop :wtf:

the car weighs less than 800Kg, so power to weight ratio is 380bhp / tonne :confused:


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I can't even take in what that must feel like to drive. Lee's scared the poop out of me. I wonder what amount of G-Force is acting upon acceleration from a standing start?


hello evrybody !
i'm new here , i'm starting to rebluid my block and i have a question !
Vocky : what bolts are you using for the crankshaft bearing carter. the OEM ( M10x1.5 - 145mm) ( old) , OEM new one , or other uprated brand ?.

thank's for all