Z22YH is this right? fuel rail cnnector (near FPR)

Hi, thanks for reading this post :)
Quick background: I recently bought a Zafira Z22YH Auto and I'm planning to DIY the thing into shape ... i have a 'Projects' thread here about the car

So today I decided to poke my head around under the hood while trying to take a pic of the Fuel Pressure Regulator, and I noticed something that seems a bit strange:
At the very end of the fuel rail after the FPR (... opposite end to the High Pressure Fuel Pump) there's a 'connector' there (don't have a better word for it) that seems like it's very very poorly hooked on. Here's a video to show what it mean below. There's some kind of plastic washer that's just loosely hanging on, and the connector can slide along the end of the fuel rail. When I start the car, that connector becomes a bit harder to move ... so it's almost like the fuel pressure in the rail forces it outwards.
And it doesn't leak fuel from there.
Is any of this right? Is it supposed to be like this?
And does anyone have a link to an instructional video on how to take apart the fuel rail?



the blue washer can be removed, it's something to do with brand new fuel lines at the factory and is not required once the hose is fitted

However the blue clip should prevent the black hose from coming off the fuel rail, in your photo it is not fully clipped in place


you might need to push the tabs down with a screwdriver, they should touch the pipe at the shoulder