Harrop Engine Build


I am currently doing a little project which is to upgrade/rebuild a z22se to create (probably) a 400+ bhp sc engine :eek:

so I will post the info and pics in this thread (y)

I had a z22se block sat in my shed, yes the same block which was in the 'bottom end rebuild' thread, so it finally will become a sc bottom end :LOL:


I advised the project owner that we required a saab head, so 'Dr Lee' came to the rescue and supplied one at a good price cheers..

The saab head was quickly stripped down and is waiting a full port and polish as per my own saab head build


This engine will also have wiseco pistons but 9:1CR, eagle steel rods, balancer delete, fully balanced bottom end, GM racing valves/springs/vernier sprockets, Compcams blower cams and of course the Harrop sc :clap:
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Luckily the projects owner already has a 3" exhaust system on a 250bhp sc engine, so the sc conversion parts are already tried and tested, this will ease the upgrade and I suppose it will just be a simple engine swap from a standard sc engine to a vocky'd engine showo..

As the engine is getting a full rebuild nearly all the components are to be replaced, including all the bearings, oil and water pumps, gaskets, bolts etc. Infact the block, craddle, crank and sump will be the only items not changed :confused:

well I haven't actually got the original crank back yet (hurry up Nick :LOL: ) or got Joe to part with his spare sump yet, but I'm sure it will all come together or perhaps I can go and visit Dr Lee and have a look through his mountain of engine spares (y)

photos to follow as I've been far too busy recently :confused:


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Bloody hell Neil, do you ever stop? Looking forward to some good reading and a fair few pics on this thread Sir!



n17ves said:
Whats he doing with the existing SC engine?
it is for sale, very low mileage (12k I think) (y)

but it will have no ancillaries like alternator, oil cooler adaptor, sensors, inlet manifold assembly or exhaust manifold

the GM sc will probably be for sale too, but again no inlet manifold or throttle body and we might need some minor parts from the sc, really depends what the Harrop comes with notsure.gif


a few pics of the saab turbo head, it will have a z22se camcover this time, I will make a blanking plug on a lathe for the exhaust cam bearing cap then machine a flat to allow a good seal for the z22se camcover.


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some new parts....

the parts to be reused from the head

the new idler gears for the balancer delete


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Looking good, this will be awesome in a little VX220 :)
Which ECU are you going for? Standalone? Piggyback?


I believe it's getting a courtenay remap to the standard ecu (y)

I thought that you might want to see the porting in steps rather than the usual before and after, so a couple of pics :D

the first shows the excess material which needs to be removed from the exhaust port (simply scribe around the exhaust manifold gasket to get the size), the second pic shows the first 'rough' step, still many hours work to go :confused:


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I think that you need to invest in a nice 5-axis machining centre. I could come up and be your consultant?? pmsl..

What's the extra cast lumps on the ends of the head where the cams locate?


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Did you do any flow bench testing on your porting work?
(Nice to see some detailed porting pics. I Need to do my LSJ head too, but still gathering info on the best porting approach. (good flow AND maintain the gasspeed...) :D )

On US forums I found some different styles of LSJ head porting but for 400 Harrop hp's you will need a very good flowing head. Otherwise you will run into the same heat problems as it still is a roots type blower...


What's the extra cast lumps on the ends of the head where the cams locate?

not sure what bolts there, I have a bracket to hold my coolant pipes away from the 6 speed box linkage mounted there :)

Did you do any flow bench testing on your porting work?

I never had the time / forgot / I'm too lazy :LOL:


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Looks nice. If its getting to the point where the L61 head isnt up to the job are you replacing the cylinder liners? just curious like as I'm thinking of a new build in the future and its my first play with 4 pots.