z22se Harrop build

Bottom end fully balanced, wiseco 8.9:1 pistons, Eagle steel rods, brand new genuine crank bearing set, lightened flywheel with paddle clutch, ported z22se head with Compcams blower camshafts, +0.5 mm Supertech valves with supertech valve springs, new genuine balancer chain kit




collected the cylinder head from the machine shop, they recut the valve seats for the +0.5mm valves


Supertech +0.5mm valves

full set of genuine valve stem oil seals

Compcams Blower camshafts, with Supertech double valve springs
and finished :)


I had to replace the pressed steel z22se roller rockers with the later cast versions, due to clearance issues with the Supertech valve spring caps
brand new 2018 delivered, it's been a while since I have fitted them to a z22se engine.

Most people buy the Dbilas springs and they use OEM caps, plus the last few sets of Supertech kits I've fitted were on new B207 engines which have the cast rockers.

Obviously you can grind the roller rockers for clearance, but it was easier to swap them for the cast version :)

Just be careful to double check the clearance, rotate the engine a couple of times. Once it's been started remove the rocker cover and double check there has been no contact between the rocker and supertech valve cap.
also worth noting that the valves are +0.5mm and the newly machined valve seats mean the valve caps might sit in a slightly different place.

Either way it's something that needs careful attention during a build


Stupid Bollocks
must just be the ones from zzp that are right ? both of my kits had the dished titanium retainers and the other couple of #75 kits ive fitted were dished to it was a while ago like you said :confused: