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2.4 sc build

Discussion in 'Cylinder Head/Block' started by vocky, July 9, 2017.

  1. So after a false start this LE5 2.4 bottom end is going SC with a Saab head :)

    craddle and sump cleaned out

    Brand new Saab head ready for some porting


    it can either have a plastic z22yh or standard z22se cam cover fitted, so standard coilpack works


    a box of new parts from the Saab head
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  2. The 2.4 crank fresh back from the machine shop, journals have been polished and it's ready for a brand new set of OEM bearings

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  3. How do you get LE5 blocks this side of the pond Vocky?
  4. by paying lots of import duty :eek:
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  5. is it much more than say a supercharger kit to bring in?
  6. they charge import duty on the shipping, so probably twice as much as a sc :eek:

    Currently waiting on parts from the usa, so not much happening with the build.
  7. maybe when i go to Brazil for my pickup i can drive up though and pick an engine up?? :confused::eek::eek::rolleyes:
  8. probably worth stripping off the junk not required, makes shipping cheaper. The vvt head is worthless, I have one here and it's going to the tip.
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  9. The LE5 steel rods arrived today :)

    import duty is killing me :LOL:
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  10. exhaust ports opened up and head fully rebuilt


    New saab valves - sodium filled, thus better suited for SC than z22se valves


    z22se cams, new saab roller rockers, new hydraulic lifters, new valve springs, new valve stem oil seals, new retainers and new collets


    Saab head has been modified to accept a z22se cam cover, thus standard z22se coilpack fits

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  11. That looks pretty sweet! new owner must be a pretty excited. Shame about the red cam cover :p
  12. is the z22se cam cover better than the saab in terms of the breather??
  13. I don't have any issues with my Saab cam cover, but I do have the LSJ pcv pipework.

    Using the z22se cam cover means a standard coilpack can be used, so that is now my preferred option. Plus I also purchased a small milling machine which makes it much easier to do.
  14. The wiseco 88.5mm pistons have been made, so hopefully will be shipped soon.
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  15. The Wiseco pistons arrived today :)

    Hopefully get the block machined to suit them by the end of next week, then I can complete the engine build :D

    88.5mm piston.JPG
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