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Just wondering has maxr fitted turbo grilles to a n/a bootlid or has it got a turbo lid and clam.:think:


it is a vxT bootlid on a 2.2 clam, but there is no boot - well there isn't anymore :LOL:

I will add some update pics soon, but the boot has totally gone now, the clam has more grille area and the black has gone too, plus a new spoiler is almost fitted.

The roof is at the paintshop and a few more parts are on their way to be fitted :)
Thinking of fitting one of munchers light weight tubby lid at some point, don't mind moveing the locking pin as the boot bulkheads been cut for the weapon-r
just concerned that with larger vents parts might be exposed to the elements that prahaps shouldn't be. notsure.gif


it's just the exhaust on the 2.2, so nothing to worry about.

I have been thinking of fitting one to mine, may be one day.


a few pics of the latest mods :D


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I know my place is not in these sections but I do read through a lot of the forum, especially threads such as this.
The time effort and skilled craftmanship that has gone in to this is absolutely amazing, I get to play with some technical bits of kit at work but to see something like this being accomplished is pure genius.
This site really benifits from people such as Vocky and other clever buggers, really looking fwd to the day that this project rolls out of the garage............untill then, back to general chat for me lol

blue se2

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got to agree with ya D. I work on cars all day and this still blows my mind makes me feel like a proper fitter. Where do you guys get your info to do thing like this?


it DROVE out the garage yesterday and onto it's trailer (y)

next stop courtenays

the last pic.... cryb..


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that bearing has the end float shim bearings attached (y)

It was a major project, not something I could do very often :confused:


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Just a quickie about the rear clam fixings...
How is the clam attatched with the boot floor removed? Is it OK with just the remaining bolts or do you have to add extra mounting points?

Top job there by the way!


the crank moves (well tries to move) back and forth, the end float bearings control the movement (y)

rear clam
the rear clam has an alloy frame each side to support the rear wing.
this is riveted to the clam floor, bolted to the subframe and also bolted to the outer clam, it's actually stronger than the standard clam (y)