My vx220 project


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Such a pitty these boxes are so expensive to install into the VX220. It would really compliment the 2.2 N/A engines.
Apart from the mount which could be easily fadricated what are the differences with the drive shafts Vocky?
depends where you get them from and if you can rebuild them i paid £50 for the one in the charged astra but spent quite a bit making it what it is now i just bought a corsa vxr box with 4.17fd for £35 all bearings were ok but 2nd 3rd and 4th had damage to the teeth on the syncro gears i only wanted the 4.17fd but i also have a 3.9fd box that i will make good at some point

the M32 fits the vx220 perfectly and swapping the diffs is easy

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hope you remember to put the magnet back in the diff case lol mine fell out and then i found after i had put it all back together ffs :)
after having the rear clam painted I noticed that the rear bootlid (engine cover) and the rollbar cover were not quite the exact colour as the freshly painted rear clam, so I have had them both painted as well :D

Man maths at it's best :LOL:

I have also fitted a vx220 cargo net to the rear bulkhead, behind the seats. These were an optional extra from the factory and I have wanted one for many years. I had to buy the mounting clips new, due to the 'seller' of the cargo net being too lazy to remove the clips :cautious: :ROFLMAO:
With pretty much everything where I want it to be with my vx220 I am quite happy with it, except the ECU, which has never been quite right.

So I hatched a plan and have been gathering parts ever since.

"What do I need from a new ECU" - well I have always wanted to use individual coils (Saab B207), seqential injection (better emissions for MOT), use the original z22se Injector position and fuel rail (I was going to use the original vx220 fuel lines, but I hate the way they lap around the engine bay), plus the 60-2 trigger wheel

So far;

Located a LSJ cam sensor and modified it to fit my engine -

LSJ cam sensor fitted.jpg
Picked up a brand new set of Bosch 470cc injectors (astra vxr) for £140 from Germany, I will be using the OEM Saab injector spacers


Ordered a Penny and Giles 'red' Throttle Poisition Sensor


Modified a single feed fuel rail for fuel return

fuel rail 1.jpg

I machined a piece of alloy to match the dimensions of the original end and then added the fuel return fitting

fuel rail 2.jpg
due to replacing the webcon injectors with OEM injectors and fuel rail the vacuum take off rail needs to go, space is going to be a premium and something has to give, but I probably need brakes :LOL:
So I made a jig to drill the two holes required for the cam extension, due to the distance between the camshaft and drill I had to buy a 140mm long 4mm drill bit.

drill jig.jpg

the two holes drilled ready for the hardened 4mm steel pins (on order, not arrived yet)

two holes.jpg

I will be using a section of a B207 camshaft for the extension required to drive the brake servo pump.


My plan is to drill a couple of 4.2mm holes to align with the 4mm pins, then drill a pair of smaller holes into the B207 section to connect to the internal oilway, thus the steel pins will be lubricated at all times :)
I bought some 4mm silver steel rod today, chopped off a couple of 20mm sections and then fitted the brake servo pump :)

I had some spare brake servo hose from a previously stripped new Saab B207 engine, which was perfect for the OEM+ look :D

ps: yes there is an old bolt sticking out of the webcon servo pipework :LOL:
The webcon brake servo pipework will be removed when I fit the new ECU.

pump fitted.jpg