My vx220 project

I got the engine back in the car, everything connected up and checked the settings in the Omex ecu for the new crank sensor. Adjusted the ignition timing by 0.8 due to the different trigger wheel.

B207 first missing tooth is at 117 degrees, the LE5 is at 90 degrees

Cranked it over to build up the oil pressure and noticed no crank signal on the Omex screen. Hmmm, after a bit of internet searching it seems the Chevrolet crank sensor is in fact a 3 pin VR sensor, not a 3 pin Hall sensor :rolleyes:
A quick rewire and adjustment of the settings back to a VR sensor, as well as removing the internal link inside the ECU, saw a crank signal detected :)

But it was a weak crank signal and with a bit of adjustment (so the crank sensor cable pointed to the top of the engine rather than the side of the engine) it was soon sorted out.

Then it fired straight up :D

I reset the timing with a timing light, due the different trigger wheel and it's now happy at 13.406 degrees
One thing I forgot to mention;
the alloy crank pulley which has been on my car for many years was found to be cracked upon inspection, so thats been binned and replaced with a brand new OEM pulley. A new 838mm belt was required for the alternator, due to the bigger diameter of the OEM pulley.
Whilst the engine was out of the car I did a few alterations, moved the heater auxillary coolant pump from the return to the feed side of the circuit

Pump is now just to the right of the engine side mount

I modified the cylinder head with a small pipe fitting, then joined that to a modified vacuum pump, to give some vacuum back to the PCV system.
The small black hose is just about visible in the pic below, it goes from the lefthand side of the vacuum pump to between cylinders 2 and 3

I just need to re-torque the head studs once the engine is cold, standard thing to do with ARP head studs.
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the Omex mapping went well at Northampton Motorsport, Troy has done another great job :)

Max power was obviously the same as before (no performance bits were added), but the driveability is so much better.

Not had a chance to have some fun in it yet, it was rush hour driving home and thus roads were very busy. The couple of times I got to accelerate proved it is still a damn quick car, lighting up the rear wheels on a dry road when changing into second - even with a lsd :D


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Hello John, not heard from you in ages. Do you still have your veccy ?
Yes I still have it. It’s been under a cover for the last 5 years, occasionally popping out for a clean.

Oddity enough it’s sat out on the driveway now. I’ve had a friend over to quote me for some bodywork rectification. The front and rear bumpers need repainting along with the boot spoiler. There’s also the matter of Christine’s minor indiscretion along my NS doors.

The brakes are seized too but I’m looking to get it back on the road in the near future.


It's been totally road legal for pretty much the entire 12 years, I sorn'd it one year, but that was a long time ago

I just don't get the time to drive it when the weather is nice, it spent most of this year either waiting for parts or waiting to be mapped. So the best summer for ages and I never drove it :(
my vx220 will soon be sixteen years old and I have owned it since it was three and a half years old.

The twelve and a half years it's been in my ownership has been fun, but times change and things move on.

Will be up for sale at some point in the near future :wideyed:
It owes me over £45k, hopefully I will get half that amount back :confused:

I have never seen another vx220 in this condition and it comes with all the goodies too.

Someone will get a bargain thats for sure
Well that's a bit of a shock to everyone!

Someone will take ownership of a well loved and cherished motor.

If you've only covered appx 6,500 miles in it, how much must it have cost you per mile? :eek: