Marty's Z22SE Rebuild


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Investigated on low oil pressure cause, i found another mistake :

In my oil pump, i saw that the spring is smaller compare to a Z22SE one.
What is the standard Z22se spring size ?
Does a smaller spring could have caused low oil pressure and damaged conrods bearings ?

Mine (3.15"):

The little spring was in my oil pump rebuilt engine and have part number 16804230 (not a gm)
I saw that on my VX220 engine the part number is GM 24450057

Also, can you give me the correct length that the oil filter housing spring must have ? Mine is 34.6mm (1.34 inchs)
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the later oil pumps had a shorter spring to lower the oil pressure.

The vx220 oil filter spring looks fine.

I would say that your big end bearings failed due to the conrod caps being the wrong way around.