Marty's Z22SE Rebuild


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Very bad luck with the engines, have you re used the same oil pump that failed in the first one?
Yes Dewis, same oil pump that i used in first engine.
Why do you say it failed ? it seems to working well. (done few engine rotations with starter and without sparks to prime the pump : i saw the oil on chain normally come).
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All is refit.
For memory : I let standard engine in place and put Harrop SC 2.9" pulley with a 5.200rpm rev limiter.
I did a power measurement and result is:

VX220 Marty - 12042016 - Std Engine+Harrop+2.9+5200rpm.png

I can push rpm limiter to 5400 and more to try if i don't past 250bhp.
But really don't need more right now ! Soo amazing.
What a massive torque ! I understand now why past 2500rpm i think i'm in a catapult !!
Max inlet temp on my trip was 48° C. I though i would find more heat. In normaly condition inlet temp is 33°C for an external 16°C.
Will do more test and a fuel learning.
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Fuel learning session done.

This week-end i took the car to test SC installation with very bad conditions : 30°C and a spanish mountain trip !

Obtain some good logs:

At 4847rpm i found IAT 49°C (with 30°C ext) and 10.4 psi.
Max IAT this day was 62°C after some full throttle, in normal condition IAT is 32°C, max boost found : 12psi.

Sadly, after this 200km trip my gear shift are now stiff.
I suspect the heat of tullet exhaust wich have destroyed gearbox cables :mad:
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Some news about my project:
Last year, i tried a second rebuild and engine blocked again.

I've open it today and found same problem than first blocked engine on cylinder 1 :

All cylinders are keep in a good state.
I don't understand why crank shaft bearing n°1 are in this state. Too much torque on screws ? Wrong bearing ? Low oil pressure ?
Will take a look tomorrow if this is not a bent connecting rod issue.
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Another pics and answers:

A second conrods bearing is damaged:

Do i need a new crankshaft ?

I found that 2 conrods were not installed in same way, is this bad ?

If you read back my project: when engine were rebuilt, when i tighten conrods screw : i couldn't turn it free without a particular strong force on the crankshaft. When i loosed conrods screws : it turn correctly.
What do you think about wrong bearings conrods size ?

Or too much torque on screws ?
Or oil pump fault, how to check the oil pump ?
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