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LSJ cam sensor onto z22se

Discussion in 'Tuning Discussion' started by vocky, February 10, 2018.

  1. Not much info about fitting a cam sensor onto the z22se inlet cam take off. You only need a cam sensor if you want to fit an aftermarket ECU and even then not all will need one.

    If I had two long camshafts in my Saab B207 head I would not need to modify the LSJ cam sensor, it could simply bolt onto the exhaust take off. But I purchased a pair of z22se cams from CatCams - one long and one short.

    I am currently planning on changing the ECU on my Webcon throttle bodies and have a small wish list;

    sequential injection
    LSJ individual coils
    LSJ cam sensor
    60-2 or 36-1 external trigger wheel
    Penny and Giles throttle position sensor
    PWM signal for Stack dash coolant temp gauge

    I machined 4mm from the mating face of the LSJ cam sensor, basically until the oil seal groove was gone

    cam 2.

    I had to remove the internal section to allow it to be machined, plus I need the hex drive for my CatCams (they machined the hole, but never installed the hex drive). I simply removed one from a spare camshaft

    cam 1.


    cam 3.
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  2. Next job was to create an adaptor flange - to include the oil feed and oil return

    You can see the oil feed slot and the oil return cut out in this photo, plus the recessed bolt required to mount it on the inlet cam

    cam 4.

    cam 5.

    you can see the oil return groove in this photo

    cam 6.

    I just need to remove the oilway blanking screw from the cylinder head and then fit the modified cam sensor
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  3. That looks great! and thanks for sharing (y)

    Bet you knew I'd turn up here:)

    Small bearing puller on the hex drive to remove the internal bit and a brave pill?

    How thick is the spacer plate?

    Do you have any more cams you can butcher so I can buy the insert from you?

    How were you planning to seal everything to keep the oil in the right places?

    There's more but I'll just get the cardboard out and see if I can figure it out. :)
  4. adaptor plate is currently 10mm, but I might reduce it depending upon depth required for the Hex drive.

    Internal bearing puller will easily remove the hex drive, unless it's welded in :LOL:

    I plan on using engine sealant and leaving it 24hrs to set, I have thought about fitting O ring seals or a paper gasket.

    Central hole is 52mm. Bottom bolt is tapped M8, the other two will use the M8 thread in the cylinder head.

    I expect a few minor tweaks when I get around to fitting it to the engine.
  5. Cheers Vocky(y)

    I could just pay you to make a spare but that' the cowards way out :LOL:
  6. had to use the inlet on mine the vac pump is on the ex cam :)
    24x crank and 1x cam hall output in one unit there optical so no delay so they say
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  7. might be worth you posting your cam sensor mod info in this thread too (y)
  8. ok :)
    well with the lsj coils and the aem infinity ,without a cam sensor it would only run semi sequential to run full sequential it needs the cam sensor
    i started with semi sequential and a 60-2 external trigger on the crank the aem supports any kind of trigger setup and it can be mix and matched

    i then found the aem epm (engine position module) from a cam driven input it gives an 24x crank and 1x cam signal

    to make it fit i started with a saab b207 power steering pump

    after alot of cutting and sanding i got the flange part i needed

    the sensor unit is optical

    after making a back plate and cutting the shaft to suit the drive of the epm it all got sandwiched together

    2 pilot screws keep the 2 halves in line

    after initial testing i then added a circlip to stop the shaft popping out to far and disengaging from the drive
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