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astra g 6 speed conversion adventures

Discussion in 'Transmission/Brakes' started by evocarlos, November 29, 2014.

  1. i know of a lot of m32 boxes that have failed before 40K miles. :( that's just running stock power. M20 is the same box just a smaller diff.
    my F23's have been trouble free apart from the ex post office van one which had EP oil in it and chewed a syncro ring :cry:
    the one from the vectra B has done over 170K miles with out any more than a drive shaft seal (my clumsy fault when test fitting drive shafts in the Corsa :mad:)
    like marmite really.
  2. new bearing came bright and early this morning 9am :)

    press at work

    pack restacked and new end bearing going on

    other shat almost done

    all done with new bearings had to go with the vxr 6th gear the diesel one was damaged and i decided not to fit it

    outer races removed from the end case

    diff back in and shimmed up with a 1.5mm it was 1.3mm but i guess it was to slack

    just need to pop the end case on and install the shaft seals then it can go back in the car :)
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  3. ive got 4 m32 all over 80k ive even done a 6th gear bearing on an m32 that had done 124k but that was the only fault just one bearing
    my f23 started playing up at 17k miles with the sloppy shifting and poor cold shifting then ones it got some power the 3rd gear syncro just went the 2nd astra had 70k miles and completely standard that shat 3rd gear syncro to
    moral of the story is the f23 is crap as its unserviceable while in a car with the m32 it dont really matter if it only does 40k it can be fixed by jacking the car up and pulling the end case :)
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  4. Good work (y)

    I think it’s hit and miss on the boxes tbh. I’ve had no issues with the track astras where it gets death but then the daily one I bought with a crunching 3rd. But then I also know of the F23 running over 800bhp on the drag strip without dramas.

    Same with the M32 I know loads of people who have had issues with them either whining or crunching.
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  5. test spin of the rebuilt box on the bench

    also started to strip the 3.9fd box just needs a 6th gear bearing and the planetary gears doing the owner must of been wheel spin happy lol
    lack of oil during running (case mod to fix it)

    pretty dirty to

    not sure that one bit is ment to be sideways lol

    already got the diff sorted and there's a new 6th bearing in my tool box
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  6. the trick with the M32 is to run more oil, a minimum of 3 litres and a maximum of 3.5 litres (y)
  7. with the stock end case it needs the notch or it will still burn the trapped oil on the 6th gear bearing :) I run 3l but only to keep the noise down from single mass
  8. m20 =200nm
    f23 = 230nm
    m32 = 320nm
    f40 = 400nm
    altho the m32 with the upratted end case puts it over 400nm like the f40
  9. the F23 with dipped internals takes more ;)
  10. will still sloppy shift when cold and kill 3rd syncro at 2000rpm :)
  11. went to a scrap yard with some friends to try and get a clutch for a car while walking round there was a pile of gearboxs my keen eye spotted the m32 on top and asked how much £80 that will do me :) its a diesel box but after inspection its all very very good it dont even need a 6th gear bearing one to clean up and sell on

    also setup the sand blaster and started cleaning some of the cases

    the 4.17 gearbox went back in the car today

    had to mend the locking ring on the gear cables it had snapped some glue and a bit of stainless welding rod soon had it as good as new
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  12. quick wash with tfr and a brush

    rinse and ready to go
  13. what is the trick of getting the thickness of shim for M32 diff right? I have rebuilt the diff and measured the gap between the flange and the bearing surface by using a feeler gauge. Thought the gap should be 0.15 mm +-.05mm

    However, I can hear a slight whining noise starting around 50 mph. Is the shim too thick or too thin?
  14. that will most likely be the large bearings on the pinion shafts pitted if its still whining
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