dewismotorsport's Astra coupe

Snetterton race day got off to a crap start, weather was terrible so swapped to my wets only for 3 of the studs snapping when torquing them up, looks like this has happened over time by the shear face, must of been a knock on effect from crash and joints and shaft failures. Either way very lucky not to happen on track. Quickly chiseled the old snapped bits from the hub and un wound from the back with mole grips. Sourced some spare wheel nuts and managed to get out in the last qualifying session. Due to missing my own meant I had to start at the back for both races.

Few pictures from a very wet qualifying

Race 1, started at the back in 38th place setting off I get into 3rd gear and went to change into 4th and the gear cable end popped off again, so I was then stuck in 3rd gear for the whole race, made the most of it, trying not to blow m,y engine up on the straights feathering the throttle. I fought my way through the pack and finished 17th.

(not the best watch)

Race 2, rain had stopped but circuit was still slippy and damp but with a dry line, I made the call to stay on wets while 70% of the grid changed to drys. I again started at the back in 38th, nursed it off the line and through the gears hoping my zip tie fix would hold, got myself up to 12th only for the cable end to come off again 2 laps from the end leaving me stuck in 3rd again so I carried on and finished 13th narrowly missing out on 3rd in class B

(better watch)
Race prep for the next race, Silverstone GP 6 hour team endurance race on the 26/10/19

Whipped the old cables out, you can see the plastic clips have broke on the cap and lets it pop off, new cable on route via a sponsor

New wheel studs fitted all round to be safe, also whipped the pads out, removed the glaze on the table linisher and re fitted

Also made an adaptor to lower the front camera as you can't see the best out the front

Other trivia stuff like re doing the headlight alignment as race finishes in the dark, wider 16mm front spacers as the 12mm still allowed the tyre to rub on inner chassis leg