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dewismotorsport's Astra coupe

Discussion in 'Projects' started by dewismotorsport, March 22, 2014.

  1. Looking tidy mate! :cool:
  2. Looking tidy mate! :cool:
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  3. Made a start on fitting the kit on, had to modify the rear bumper to allow removal once the kits bonded on and to allow me more tyre clearance and better air flow
    aimages2.imgbox.com_fc_1d_WdMUw8yH_o. aimages2.imgbox.com_a4_8e_daTL7RB7_o.

    Drilled and rivnut’d the side skirt holes as more secure than the plastic fittings

    All bonded on apart from the front arches and splitter, that’s a Monday job. Used windscreen sealant to bond them on as it’s quick drying and is as sticky as s**t to a blanket.
    aimages2.imgbox.com_7e_35_pLw85WCj_o. aimages2.imgbox.com_f5_83_oQtqTamG_o.

    Love the look of it now
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  4. hey adam....Did u have your camera on 10000% zoom ;):ROFLMAO:
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  5. I’ve no idea why it does that :banghead: works fine on other sites
  6. I'm loving the car!! BTCC throw back (y)
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  7. Finished bonding the kit on and it’s all done, put some rivnuts in the middle of the bumper instead of the plastic clips.

    Loving the contrast of the grey against the blue, just need to fit the semi slicks

    Got some hoses through but can only use two of them lol, will use the rear water hoses at a later date when I re visit the heater box routing
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  8. Love to see this in the flesh! Plz plz dont bin this beauty into the barriers! Great job bud nice to see all the time and hard work u put into making this an awesome track weapon! Big changes from when we meet at pvs many moons ago :)
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  9. Thanks (y) I’ve been asked to show it at PVS so will be about then but it may have a few battle scars by then as racing is always a bit of a unknown but I plan not to crash it :ROFLMAO:
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  10. looking good!
    be great to see it some time?
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