dewismotorsport's Astra coupe

More parts have arrived, gonna chuck some valve treatment through it as it’s a old engine and I also needed a octane booster as I ended up filling up before race two at Oulton and the petrol station there only had 97 ron so need it back up to 99 Ron. Also decided to go for the 625 battery as it’s a better all rounder than the the 680, only downside was the shape is slightly different but I managed to get it into the battery cage

Also fitted the new latches to hold the back bumper on should I get rear ended again
So in true last minute motorsport style, I had to remove the supercharger again as it was making noises still, stripped it down and put some more grease in the needle bearings and changed the oil to gearbox fluid and it was a lot quieter, not perfect but useable.

All set up for race day, cars running roughly 30bhp down so qualifying was always going to be tough against my fellow class B racers, managed 10th and 11th for the two races, killed a CV joint at the end of qualifying so pulled in

Race one and not the best start as got boxed in and lost a place to the mini but got it back a few corners later, into a great battle with the 1.8T 20v mk2 golf until another CV joint gave up retiring me from the race

Race two got a better start and again was into a good battle with the golf, he had me on the straights but I was all over him on the brakes and cornering, was just never close enough on the part I was a lot faster to put a move on him and get past safely. Yet another CV joint died ending my race, this time it spat the shaft out mid bend

Some others of the races

Back at the workshop on bank holiday Monday I decided to look over the car, as you can see I’ve done a proper job of the CV joint, it also took out the bottom link hose on the calliper. I decided to pull the whole lot out and check everything over as I just wasn’t happy with the engine, found my exhaust leak which was causing it to run a bit rich on the wideband, welded the crack back up.

Dropped the oil and found a sump plug full of bearing liner, despite no knocking noise this is obviously a knock on effect from when the oil hose popped off at donnington Park. Stripped all the parts off the old engine I’m keeping and gave them a good clean through in the parts washer.

Made a new magnetic sump plug using a drilled out standard one. Stripped both engines fully and started to build up when the dipstick tube snapped off leaving the bottom section in the sump still, thought I’d knock it down and use a magnet to get it out the sump plug hole but it bottomed out in the tube recess so had to make a tool to pull it back out as it was late and I really didn’t want to have to take the sump off

Will finish it off tomorrow.

So the CV failure is a mix of the cheap CV grease burning off and drying out the joint and excessive engine/gearbox movement. So I’ve ordered some high temp grease and some two part polyurethane mix to poor into the mounts as the old sikaflex was just not up to the job anymore, ripped it all out and de greased them ready.

Race 1

Race 2
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Swapped the chains over, now running full GM kits. New gaskets and oils, gone for 10w 60 this time around. All back together and ready to drop back in, just waiting on the polyurethane to turn up so I can do the engine mounts.
Made a new link pipe for the caliper as it got damaged, neaten it up after the photo and gave it a quick splash of paint

Bought some more high temp cv grease for the spares, some more brake fluid, valve cleaner for the new engine, had the injectors ultra sonically cleaned at Relentless performance and got some brake disc temp paint, turns white once up to the certain temp so I will have a idea of how much heat there producing. Also some two part polyurethane mix, went for a cure rating of 85. Mixed it up and poured it in, will clean any excess off and the engine is ready to go back in now
So not updated for a while as I’ve been busy, managed to get the new engine in but ran out of time and money getting a new charger and other race costs so ended up missing the race at rockingham on the 9th of June and bloody typical it was filmed and will be shown on motors tv, ah well next time. Engine in just waiting on new charger and cv joints. Mounts got a quick spray.

So decided to further my skill set as only have 5 years left to serve in the marines so want to get some handy courses under my belt before I leave. First up was a window tinting course, big thanks to John and the guys at extreme tinting in Chester for the excellent instruction, picked it up quick and so John had me tint his sons car

Next course was a automotive locksmith course up in Wakefield. Scary how easy old locks are to pick and with a Astra G taking less than 10 seconds. Newer stuff is getting much harder but soon picked it up but something you need to keep practicing for sure.

And the last course was a vehicle wrapping course back up at extreme tinting in Chester. Had been tasked by my boss to wrap his T4, but first I had to get it flat so a days worth of bodywork and bodge it was ready.

Then onto the wrap itself, preparing the van for the wrap was the worst bit for me as I hate cleaning cars and this has so much crap around the rubber seals etc, clay barred and then various cleaners after and it was ready for the vinyl.

Being the bosses van I couldn’t not add a few personal touches, bonnet one is removable but the surfing penis is embossed so that’s permanent

Was the bosses colour choice and I wasn’t sure to start with but it grew on me by the end, not bad for 4 days work.