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astra g 6 speed conversion adventures

Discussion in 'Transmission/Brakes' started by evocarlos, November 29, 2014.

  1. it'll be a z20net more than likely or saab engine like carls
  2. with a cummings truck turbo and an m62 :) its a 2.0
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  3. box is now all working again the 3rd and 4th were notchy at 1st but have settled in to smooth now and as i have changed back to the 0.744 ratio 6th gear (same as the vxr box) i now have cruise control in 6th :)
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  4. more work on the box and couple of other bits to try and stop a wobble ive got
    wheel bearings

    all out

    the bolts on the subframe dont seam right

    cut the small washer off and its now flat

    new wheel bearings on

    fitted some known good cv joints

    diff out


    timken cut off and thrown in the bin new snr going in


    checking for round and then making a better job of centering bolt

    not bad if i say so myslef lol
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  5. Was the little washer not meant to go under the bolt head? Good work on the box, new bearings are loads biggger
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  6. came pre made there pressed on to the bolt and i thru the old ones in the bin so not sure if it was meant to be under or above ? :confused:

    thanks :) took me a while to do but its still notchy works fine could just be the new syncros bedding in or on the sevier side a bent/damaged selector fork
  7. Ah right, odd design then.

    Hopefully it sorts itself out (y)
  8. Looking at that I would say the bolts were wrongly made. The spring washer should have been on the head side of the large washer not the bush side.
  9. it was not a spring washer thats just where i cut it and bent it off :) i dont actually know what the originals look like lol

    seams a bit better today think i may need to bleed the clutch again and im sure there's something different with the clutch pedal like its stiff in the last part
  10. from post 177
  11. Next step on the 6speed conversion
    Ive managed to get a real clean and tidy corsa vxr box for a price im not saying as it turns out the box dont even need the 6th gear bearing doing

    Even the inside of the bell housing is clean

    Gears all look good

    Counted the ring and pinion 71/17 so it is the 4.17 fd

    Next step mix and match to get the box i want 4.17 fd with 1-5 astra gears and the diesel 6th :)
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  12. Could be easyer than i thought the corsa box uses the same MZ0 gears as the vectra box Screenshot_20171113-090403.

    Swap the diff and fit the diesel 6th then put the revised end case on

    But i think im going to change the large bearings on the pinions in the process
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