1. evocarlos

    astra g 6 speed conversion adventures

    so here is my 6 speed conversion adventure it will take a while but i now have the box and shafts time to get the clutch changed and the attaching parts to make it work thanks to 20vt for the box :) removing the engine and gearbox the technical way got the box on the bench to inspect...
  2. Dave Gilbert

    VECTRA C 2.2 TURBO SRI 16VALVE 250/60BHP (rolling road to let me know soon)

    im not sure if this is possible but im thinking of a 2.2 turbo so we know its not an easy job for a supercharger to a vectra c but they do the vectra c 2.0 turbo(z20net ithink)whic should be much easier. now my thoughts are that the z20net are based on the z22se type engine?? so what im...
  3. evocarlos

    vectra vxr rear vented discs and caliper conversion astra g

    so heres the start to the vectra vxr 292mm vented rear disc conversion :) new gm discs and gm pads and the callipers going to strip and clean and recondition the callipers and paint them red then get on with making the adapter plate
  4. pottsey

    project boost bus

    well after being on here for over 5 yrs now ,thought its about time I done one of these lol,i do have a project thread over on vvoc so i'll be copying and pasting all the info and pics onto here
  5. S

    Anyone do z20let conversions?

    My astra g 2.2 sri is in extremely good nick and is now a full gsi replica, the only thing it needs is a z20let. I had a gsi before this and i must say i really miss the power! So before i think about suppercharging it or selling it for another turbo... I was just wondered if there is anybody...
  6. Matt

    1 Year on XenForo

    It's been 12 months this evening since we converted from phpBB3 to XenForo (y)
  7. S

    Z20net Conversion

    hey guys im after any info on converting my z22 vec b to a z20net?? anyone done it?? is it possible many thanks
  8. vocky

    6 speed conversion

    hopefully my 6 speed gearbox will arrive soon dunno.. I managed to locate a flood damaged 2007 2.2 vectra with only 5000 miles on the clock being broken for spares, the deal was done within minutes :lol: I will add all the info in this thread. the donor car.......
  9. M

    Factory Xenon Headlight Conversion.

    Well its the last day of the year, and as it was dry I pulled the Astra out of the garage. I have been planning to do a proper Xenon headlight conversion on the Astra, So I gathered all the parts needed and set to work! Parts Needed A pair of Astra Xenon Headlights D2S HID Kit Indicator...