6 speed conversion

hopefully my 6 speed gearbox will arrive soon dunno..

I managed to locate a flood damaged 2007 2.2 vectra with only 5000 miles on the clock being broken for spares, the deal was done within minutes :LOL:

I will add all the info in this thread.

the donor car.......

according to TIS the standard vx220 ratio's are;

1st 3.58:1
2nd 2.02:1
3rd 1.35:1
4th 0.97:1
5th 0.79:1

z22se diff = final drive ratio of 3.95:1

turbo diff = final drive ratio of 3.63:1
Osirus said:
Which M32 is it? There are many diffrent types!
they only do two versions as far as I can find, a close ratio and a wide ratio notsure.gif

although there are many engine types available, but this is a z2.2yh M32 box

so I'm hoping that it's the close ratio version as the diesels tend to have the wide ratio dunno..

I assume it's a 3.65 diff - etched on the box

so ratio's should be;

1st - 3.818
2nd - 2.158
3rd - 1.475
4th - 1.067
5th - 0.875
6th - 0.744
rushy said:
The 2L T has the close ratio box as well. Didn't know the direct had one though.
from what I can gather there is only two versions of the M32, the diesel wide ratio box and the petrol close ratio box.

vauxhall don't mention a close ratio box in any of the vectra specs dunno..
stripped the box today to check for any water damage and check the gear ratio's

so I can confirm it is a M32 close ratio box :D

1st - 3.818
2nd - 2.158
3rd - 1.475
4th - 1.067
5th - 0.875
6th - 0.744

diff = 3.65

so 1st, 2nd and 3rd are almost identical to the standard vx220 2.2 box, 4th and 5th are better ratio's and of course 6th makes up for the lower 5th gear

the vx220 Turbo has a similar power to my engine so the gearing is a useful comparison, all gears are better ratio's and 6th still makes up for the lower 5th gear :)

assuming 6850 rpm limiter + ignore the impossible top speeds :LOL:

1st gear
2.2 = 36mph
m32 = 37mph
vxt = 39 mph

2nd gear
2.2 = 64 mph
m32 = 65mph
vxt = 69 mph

3rd gear
2.2 = 95 mph
m32 = 95 mph
vxt = 104 mph

4th gear
2.2 = 133 mph
m32 = 131 mph
vxt = 145 mph

5th gear
2.2 = 163 mph
m32 = 159 mph
vxt = 178 mph

6th gear
m32 = 187 mph
small update,

the clutch plate is different for the M32, it has a more splines than the F23

the driveshaft cv splines are also different, the M32 has less splines than the F23

nothing I didn't expect, but just confirming the extra stuff required :roll:
alanoo said:
Interesting, but the ratios are not close enough for my project :(
I look at this as a good starting point, with a lower final drive this will be a perfect set up :D

the standard F23 ratio's just don't seem right with my high bhp engine :?
Sure you already knew this Neil, but the Europa uses the M32 so all the mounts, drive shafts and gear shift cable are available OE :D
I have been talking to a friend @ Lotus about this as we have a spare M32 here :)

Also been doing a weight comp M32= 48.35 dry F23= 45.1 wet

The oil in the F23 = 1.59 kg . That puts the F23 at 43.51 kilos and makes the M32 not a bad proposition given the weight increase. :D

Good luck Jon