VECTRA C 2.2 TURBO SRI 16VALVE 250/60BHP (rolling road to let me know soon)

im not sure if this is possible but im thinking of a 2.2 turbo

so we know its not an easy job for a supercharger to a vectra c but they do the vectra c 2.0 turbo(z20net ithink)whic should be much easier.

now my thoughts are that the z20net are based on the z22se type engine??

so what im thinking is a z22se with a turbo and use a vectra c z20net ecu and have it mapped?

i cant see it needing much parts to do the conversion and parts should be easy and cheap enough to build at home.

or am i talking out my arse?
im just thinking of modifying this engine, but with all the ecus a C has its difficult.

seen as my cars worthless, theres no point selling it.

so is it a feasible idea? are the engines the same ish?
If you can find someone to map your YH ecu then yeah it could be done...otherwise you into everything being swapped from a Z20NET (LOOMS, ECU's ETC)
also what gearbox you on as the flywheel/clutch isn't the same
so am i right in thinking there very similar engines?

and when you say loom, it would just be the engine bay loom? ecu for the engine, probably inlet manifold, different injectors and obviusly the turbo n exhaust manifold.

and then front mount intercooler etc.

has anyone else done it?
ohh i rushed into the downer moment, hahaha. i need to look into this further then.

i need a list of parts needed to do the conversion.

any parts that may need modifying.

and how to fit said parts.

woop woop. now if i do
do it, will mine be the first and only vectra c 2.2 z22se turbo?
im not wanting to go silly, i want it to be as reliable has it has allways been, but with a bit of extra poke when i want it.

its my daily driver and i have 2 young kids so i need to be sensible most of the time but i want atleast 1 person to look at it at pvs hahaha(i allways get pushed to the back out the way hahaha)
im thinking about the net engine parts as they should be easy and cheap enough to get hold of and there not gonna be mega power.

id say that my standard 150bhp plus a turbo and big front mount intercooler and bigger injectors and a nice map should see 200bhp maybe alittle more?
A standard B207R TD04 turbo should see you ok then 250-260+ with injectors from the same engine.
Decent intercooler and 50mm boost pipes
3" system, sports cat and a decent size downpipe and that will keep you reliable as well
s**t that would be more than enough. I dont even think id need to go that far to be honest.

I could work upto that. Iv got about a 2"/2.5" stainless system now.

What are the the injectors in mine good for? Or would they need changing just to get it running?

As you can tell I dont really k ow what im doing but I will give anything a go.