vectra c


    Abs plug wiring part number

    Front left wheel abs wiring connector, 13128268
  2. P

    rear camber adjustment vectra c

    hello guys. i lowered my vectra c 2.2 45mm when i bought it but now a year later the brand new tires are worn badly on the inside on the rear. can i get something or do something to adjust the rear camber more than the standard adjustment allows me to. i cant seem to find anyting. the car is...
  3. P

    more hp z22se vectra question

    hello guys i am brand new to this forum a guy recommended me to join here for my z22se questions so thanks for the membership :D I've recently got a vectra c 2.2 z22se i want more power out of it its boring since im used to drive an old bmw e32 750 with 450+ so i need a bit more out of this one...
  4. Dave Gilbert

    VECTRA C 2.2 TURBO SRI 16VALVE 250/60BHP (rolling road to let me know soon)

    im not sure if this is possible but im thinking of a 2.2 turbo so we know its not an easy job for a supercharger to a vectra c but they do the vectra c 2.0 turbo(z20net ithink)whic should be much easier. now my thoughts are that the z20net are based on the z22se type engine?? so what im...
  5. R

    06 Vectra SRI NAV XPII

    Sadly selling my Vectra :( Up for £3300 but actually looking for £2500. Going to miss it! Viewing welcome - located in Leighton Buzzard. 12 month MOT. Good condition. 73000 miles. FSH.
  6. martin smith sri c

    slight misfire

    Has anyone had a problem with a slight misfire I have a vectra c 2.2 sri 52 plate Have changed plugs Air filter Fuel filter Coil pack Egr blanked and cheater fitted No codes or eml And still it persists with what I can only call a misfire at idle not causing major problems But I prefer a...
  7. S

    new intake

    had a k&n on my astra for a while but it was getting bad heat soak so decided to go back to the standard box de-restricted it with a vectra c intake and courtenay sport panel filter. then decided to customise my intake to the TB heres the results... not to keen on the blue pipes might change...
  8. Simeon Pallatt

    vectra c airbox mod

    Just had a Go at my vectra c airbox mod. Here is how I got on. any questions please ask
  9. A

    Z22YH Another direct engine problem

    Hello and welcome to my thread all views welcomed. My car a 2005 2.2 direct SRI Last week it coughed slightly and went into limp mode spanner on the car showing on dash and would not rev over 3000 rpm. With been 100 hundred miles from home and no breakdown cover here is what i did. Checked...
  10. Matt

    Basic Scratch Repair

    There is a massive chunk of paint missing from the front bumper, so finally got round to ordering a touch up kit from The Kit: 1st Fill: I've done another fill, and also a bit of wet sanding to try and level it out. I'll try and grab another picture later on...
  11. Matt

    Window Tints

    30% all round 50% back 30% front 50% all round Now I know the legalities of tinting the fronts, but I've done all my previous cars all the way round, and touch wood, never had an issue. Which do you think looks best?
  12. steve l

    Vectra C 2.2 Manifold cat.

    Can anyone tell me what issues i will have with my car if the cat has got no guts. I removed the manifold cat and found the last owner had taken the guts out. It now just has a large hole where the guts used to be. Symptoms i have 1. Car will back fire a little if revved hard and then foot...
  13. Matt

    Interior Vectra C Irmscher Pedal Covers

    Matt submitted a new resource: Vectra C Irmscher Pedal Covers (version 1.0) - Vectra C Irmscher Pedal Covers Read more about this resource...
  14. Dave Gilbert

    Interior Vectra C Gear Knob Removal

    david gilbert submitted a new resource: Vectra C Gear Knob Removal (version 1.0) - Vectra C Gear Knob Removal Read more about this resource...
  15. Matt

    Interior Vectra C Traction Control Switch

    Matt submitted a new resource: Vectra C Traction Control Switch (version 1.0) - Vectra C Traction Control Switch Read more about this resource...
  16. E

    Chains Replaced But Engine Still Noisy

    Hello guys, My car is Vectra 2.2 Elite Direct Auto, year 2006 with 50K miles. I was having a slight rattle on cold start, the engine seemed a bit noisy on idle (seems fine when running) and rough gear changes, so after reading lots about it, everything pointed towards timing chain. So after...
  17. A

    Vectra C - burning oil, white smoke and runs lumpy?

    Hello All Been reading lots and was just after some help! Had an emissions check today before mot in 2 weeks. The readings were - 0.6 should have been 0.2 the ppm reading was ok the bottom reading (lambda sensor) was high cant remember values The engine itself i think runs rich and...
  18. Dave Gilbert

    plug choice for a vectra c 2.2 16valve 2003

    firstly let me apologize for starting this in the wrong place to matt(as i always do) so its service time i run ngk iridium plugs in everything i have had or have except the vectra as they dont make them for this engine apparently, i run them in my quadzilla 250e and i ran them in my gilera...
  19. C

    Possible Cam Chain Failure?

    Hey guys. My first post as a newbie on here. I bought a 2003 vectra 2.2 Direct auto at lunchtime yesterday for a reasonable price with 77k miles and full service history. On the latest stamp the timing chain had been replaced by the trader I bought it from. By 10pm yesterday (Only 10 hours...
  20. vocky

    Vectra C Z22yh Chains - 72k Rattle

    My friend asked me to listen to his 2006 facelift vectra C engine the other day, he said it rattled when cold and had a slight hesitation at 2000rpm. Mileage was in the dreaded vectra C z22yh 72k range (like the z22se used to rattle at 42k) He bought a pair of genuine chains and I fitted...