vectra c airbox mod

Just had a Go at my vectra c airbox mod. Here is how I got on.
DSC_0657.jpg DSC_0658.jpg DSC_0659.jpg DSC_0660.jpg DSC_0661.jpg DSC_0716.jpg
any questions please ask
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Alright mate I get more mpg now on longer runs and seems less sluggish around town. Worth doing as it is a free mod and if you don't like it you can just slide it back in.


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The general consensus is it doesn't really do much tbh, if anything you can hear the intake more and turbo more on the 2.0T and the CDTi's. Its more of a placebo affect. You'll still notice the air filter gets dirty on one side so the flow is still following the same path.

What does work however is a K&N panel filter. Again I wont say it'll give you any more power as such but it does give a far better throttle response. I never really noticed the K&N until I put a fresh factory one back in and all of a sudden it just felt flat to drive.
Done this the other day and my consumption was sitting at 27.5 mpg, it's now at 27.7 with the same journey, distance, speed etc, so it must do something :)

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