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rear camber adjustment vectra c

Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by Pleomaxx, September 22, 2017.

  1. hello guys.
    i lowered my vectra c 2.2 45mm when i bought it but now a year later the brand new tires are worn badly on the inside on the rear.
    can i get something or do something to adjust the rear camber more than the standard adjustment allows me to.
    i cant seem to find anyting.
    the car is sport,s suspension with powerflex bushes everywhere possible i just need to get the camber fixed now
    any good ideas :)
  2. Are the bushes ok? They wear badly on the top banana arms. What's the camber set to now its lowered?
  3. All bushes are brand new powerflex
    The camber is set to as much positive aspekter possible on the lower arm
    The uppercut arm is not adjustable ?
    I havent had the 4 Wheeler alignment done after it got lowered i dont have money for it atm
  4. Quite simple to diy measure the camber using spirit level or plumb bob and ruler you only need to be accurate to 0.5 of a degree. If you are less than -2 degree then you should be ok.
    Toe is more difficult to measure and is usually the reason for excessive wear.
  5. Get 4 wheel alignment done. But be prepared to buy new camber arms as the bolts seize in the bush and u have to snap the bolts out and replace the bolts but they come with the fai arms (euro car parts) about £20 a side
  6. The only reason i havent had 4 Wheel alignment done. When standing Behind the car you can easy see there is way to much -camber /\ i can even see half the tire doesent touch the road.
    And No new arms needed i have made sure All the bolts Work so i dont have to Pay the shop time for that.