1. K

    Z22SE Insane oil usage

    Hey guys, I had just located a different problem now I'm on to the next. Normally I don't have long drives but this week I drove 350km and 350km back, (like 7/8 hour drive total) all this cost me 3.5 litres of oil. And no oil puddles underneath the car. I already replaced the headgasket, the...
  2. Devour

    Z22SE multiple DTC out of the blue!

    Hey Everyone, I own a 2002 Astra G (MK4) SRI 2.2L (petrol, manual) it's done about 130k and has to date been reliable, changed the EGR valve a year and abit ago and a few cosmetics for a nearly two decade old car. It is my daily driver so i was surprised when one morning the car was sounding a...
  3. D

    Z22SE piston hight difference

    Hello, I've recently bought a mk4 Astra Bertone with a Z22SE engine. It was very cheap and I knew it needed a lot of love. With the car I got a spare engine block (used to be in the car, due to bad maintenance was seized). We tore down both engines and they have different pistons and rods. The...
  4. mssri150

    Odd OBD reading

    Car is running like s**t so changed a bad looking plug still the same so I borrowed a coil pack off one that runs sweet the same then the EML came on but it's telling me it's the camshaft sensor??? They don't have one so is it the crankshaft sensor? Going to see if my dad will plug his snap on...
  5. J

    For Sale Astra z22se Sri 16v Silver

    Vauxhall Astra 2.2 Sri 16v in Silver. MOT until Dec 2019. 3 door. In great condition and drives superb. Starts everytime and there are no mechanical problems or faults at all. Interior is also in great condition. No rips or tears. There is a small rust patch on near side rear wing. Very smooth...
  6. mssri150

    Coil pack bolts

    Hi all just wondering if anyone knows what size thread the coil pack bolts are? Some total weapon has overtightend them and de threaded the rocker cover so I need to buy a tap not sure of the size
  7. jnaisby

    Z22SE help needed after Cat Cams - Electric water pump install with other mods

    davies craig ewp115 water pump Cat cams (ultra fast) 259° 10.75mm (4603113 sport) Balance shaft chain removed Z22YH pistons & rods 12 compression pistons Port & polish head head Dblias intake & exhaust Cobra exhaust Lightened & balanced flywheel Sport clutch also has LPG installed and gearbox...
  8. sinisa97

    Rubber O-rings for Heater Matrix

    Hello all, I just found out that my heater matrix is leaking coolant on my carpet when temperature is below 0 ( Celsius ). I pulled apart plastic housing that heater matrix sits on top of and found that coolant is going pass the pipe joints. i'm thinking there are rubber O-rings in that pipe...
  9. N19JDK

    Z22SE Oil hell again

    Hello first of all I am new to the forums! This is my 4 vauxhall this year 1. Astra van 2lt DTI (chain snap 230k) 2. Astra van 1.7lt izzue engine (fuel pump fail 101k) 2. Astra bertone 1.6lt (to slow) 4. Astra Bertone 2.2 (oil is a myth) So I brought this car one month ago, it had been stud...
  10. KevinH

    Thermostat (with gasket)

    Thermostat with rubber gasket - part # 12622410 (supersedes part #s 12615097, 90537811 & 90537453) Opening temperature - 82°C Fully open temperature - 97°C
  11. P

    engine rebuild Nothing fancy

    Okay as some of you have read in a previous post i am rebuilding a z22se for my car. I figurer i would make a New post for Help and pictures for other if some in the future can use it. And og i need Help to have it all at One place. First off my plans. Balance shaft remove. Rebuild with all...
  12. Euan Struthers

    Just did chain running rattly down on a cylinder

    I did the chain went great for a couple of weeks, then started getting sluggish, went down to 3 cylinders, now Sounds like a bag of spanners, ??? Any information would be great guys
  13. O

    Z22SE - P0340 Camshaft Sensor, done the obvious!

    Hi all, So, I have P0340 flagging up: Z22SE, ~97000 miles, Astra G Convertible EML is intermittent. Air temp sensor reads 25 degrees in 2 degree winter- old one is on the way but find it hard to imagine it could be this causing the fault. New one in the post. I have already... Changed coil...
  14. P

    new clutch and flywheel z22se f23 box

    hello ppl i have had a bunch of problems with me vectra as some of u have help me with i,ve take off the gearbox to look at the clutch and flywheel and yes its bad it is blue/yellow all over from heat i think it is crucked and way to much slip on it so new flywheel for sure the clutch plate as...
  15. P

    Z22SE problems after chain fix

    hey guys :) i was so unlucky my new baught vectra c z22se jumped the chain before i got to replace it. well it damage all intake valves. but i found a complete dissasembled z22se engine extremely cheap witch i took the cylinder head from and put on my engine before install i had it pressure...
  16. P

    more hp z22se vectra question

    hello guys i am brand new to this forum a guy recommended me to join here for my z22se questions so thanks for the membership :D I've recently got a vectra c 2.2 z22se i want more power out of it its boring since im used to drive an old bmw e32 750 with 450+ so i need a bit more out of this one...
  17. Matt

    Announcement TapaTalk

    I've bit the bullet. As I don't use the site as much, I want you guys to have as much access to it as possible, so I've added TapaTalk back. However, it things don't work correctly.....I won't support the investigation of the fault through TapaTalk, I'll simply be keeping the application updated.
  18. Johnss

    Z22SE Compression test results

    Got compression tested. There are the results: 13.9 14.4 14.1 12.9 So, should I be worried?
  19. Dave Gilbert

    window stickers

    a few people have been asking about window stickers, i need to order 10 but can be any colour. i can post them through royal mail im not sure if Matt has any left or if he minds me getting them for everyone. if you you mind let me know, i wont take offence (its your forum lol) if matt...
  20. E

    Z22SE Gearbox oil

    Evening gents, i have a question. My gearbox on astra g coupe 2.2 is a little noise when in neutral with clutch out. My mechanic had a look at it today and explained what might be wrong. Long story short, im just going to add an additive to quiet it down, but want to make sure its got enough oil...