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Announcement TapaTalk

Discussion in 'Z22SE WebSite Support, Suggestions, Announcements' started by Matt, July 6, 2016.

  1. I've bit the bullet. As I don't use the site as much, I want you guys to have as much access to it as possible, so I've added TapaTalk back.

    However, it things don't work correctly.....I won't support the investigation of the fault through TapaTalk, I'll simply be keeping the application updated.
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  2. Love this tapatalk. Makes it easier for me

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  3. I'll stick with straight from a browser, I don't do much in the way of browsing from my phone and don't have FB running on it except on the odd occasion.
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  4. I prefer the browser as well, especially on my Samsung S7 Edge, it's just as fast as using a desktop / laptop for browsing with.
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  5. Hi Matt,

    The theme layout seems to have changed. Is this because of the Tapatalk addition ?
  6. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium for me, the S7 wasn't out when I upgraded and I didn't like the lack of SD card support on the S6.
  7. No, the theme has also been updated, and it's changed quite a lot of things (they added a load of new features), and the main forum node layout is now slightly different (some categories show 3 forums instead of 2 in a row).
  8. I went from the Z3 to the S7, as 3 offered to pay off 50% of the remaining contract for me to upgrade.
  9. Ahhh I see, that's a great deal. I'm with EE and have been since it was 1-2-1 (now that's going back). They wanted far too much money for the S6 and the 7 wasn't out.
  10. Had they not offered the contract pay off, I would have just waited until October when I could have upgraded as part of my contract. It's a bloody good phone as well. Really impressed with it.
  11. Yeah I've had Samsung's since I moved from HTC (they made the first SPV for Orange years back) after a number of years. As I said, the only reason I didn't go for the S6 was the lack of SD card support (I have a 64Gb card for work related stuff like time clock manuals etc.), which really put me off. Felt like they were heading along the IPhone route. Thing is I use my phone more than just for the basics, I use spreadsheet stuff, word stuff, calendar, PDF's, email etc.
  12. I'm exactly the same. It's basically a PC for me when I'm not at home. I can do pretty much everything on the phone that I can when I'm at my PC now :)
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  13. OK Matt, thanks for your reply. (y)
  14. first update since installing it, and I remember why I hate this piece of s**t software they provide

  15. So I've received the following from TapaTalk

    Now, HTTPS is still available, as I've installed a new SSL certificate, I'm just not forcing it. I'm going to do some testing with the site behind HTTPS again over the new few days, and will see how it goes.
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  16. sounds good Matt (y)
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  17. upload_2017-1-6_16-30-20.

    76 posts made from TapaTalk since it was installed again back in August. I'm removing it again, because it's causing loads of issues on the back end of the site.
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