Z22SE help needed after Cat Cams - Electric water pump install with other mods

davies craig ewp115 water pump
Cat cams (ultra fast) 259° 10.75mm (4603113 sport)
Balance shaft chain removed
Z22YH pistons & rods 12 compression pistons
Port & polish head head
Dblias intake & exhaust
Cobra exhaust
Lightened & balanced flywheel
Sport clutch​
also has LPG installed and gearbox has been reconditioned (F23)​
full rebuild rings and the lot​

having a hard time with mapping on the standard ECU with this one, it needs a remap right away but after a dyno (120bhp) its doing 50bhp less then what it was doing before (170bhp), is this normal? Is there anyone that can help me with this, also i need a good setup for the coolant pipes for the electric water pump as it seems to be having problems with the heater core and lpg unit getting airlocked, it always seems to get bubbles back in. I've got standard coolant pipes on with booster pump on the heater matrix/lpg and water pump fitted right after the radiator.

cheers guys