Z22SE multiple DTC out of the blue!

Hey Everyone,

I own a 2002 Astra G (MK4) SRI 2.2L (petrol, manual) it's done about 130k and has to date been reliable, changed the EGR valve a year and abit ago and a few cosmetics for a nearly two decade old car.

It is my daily driver so i was surprised when one morning the car was sounding a bit rough on start up, it was a cold morning so chalked it up to that. After getting down the road my EML and Traction control off lights illuminated on the dash, the car was sluggish as if in limp mode ( it was hard work to get to 30mph).

Got it home and read the codes with my cheap OBD and got the following;

P1514 - p0378 - C3F00 (cant find this code online)

I have so far changed;

Coil pack, MAP sensor, plugs were changed recently, performed visual inspection of chain.

What's odd is on startup the car doesnt show any lights, but it's running rough, then accelerating (in neautral) to about 3500 - 4000 rpm (which is sluggish and not like it is usually) will then throw the eml on and TC light.

My next idea was either a new accelerator or possibly a crankshaft sensor ( though I heard if this had failed, the engine wouldnt even run? )

I'm at a loss now as nothing fixed the issue, I love this car and know theres a tonne of knowledgeable people here that may have come across this or know why it's doing this. Can provide further info if it will help!
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It could be related to your egr valve, If you have just changed it over . You could have upset the seating of the egr pipe where it enters the inlet manifold.
I changed the EGR valve about a year ago, new gasket and everythings been fine, this isnt the same problem as last time the EGR went so I dont think it is the problem
Update - thanks for all the help guys, thought I'd come back and update the thread as there is nothing more infuriating than finding a thread with your problem and no end result, turned out to be a broken timing chain guide, kinda hard to see from just having the rocker cover off, so got a garage to fit a new kit, is running fine now, got really lucky and didnt damage any valves, compression is still good, so for anyone having anything similar, may be the problem