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Can all this be fitted the the standard sri front fogs?? I dont like chrome but im sure iv seen these in silver. So i would colour code them star silver. If they would fit


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The signum bumper is the same as the SRi/GTS so its a straight swap. Make sure you order all 4 parts, there's a backing plate and the actual plastic shiny bit you see. Dead easy to fit, you can do it with the bumper on but its far easier to take the bumper off to do it, while your at it get yourself a 3.0cdti bumper grill its far better looking than then stock SRi grill and matches the Irmscher bonnet grill if you have one fitted.

I've just recently activated factory DRL's with opcom. They turn the fogs on at a slightly lower power with ignition. As soon as you turn on your sidelights they turn off and return full power fog light control back to the factory fog light button. I've fitted some while bulbs in there from mtec and I must say they look far better than the stock VW yellow ones. I was told they wouldn't pass mot due to the glass not having the correct stamp but I forgot about them and they passed.

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