Z22SE Vectra C


Hello everyone , so am new here and i got a vectra c with a Z22SE engine N/A 147 hp project car , looking for mods to reach 190 hp or 200 hp and stay N/A

What i have done so far is :
-Fixed the timing chain problem the oil jet and tensioner thing . (New timing chain kit)
-done the air box mod
-i have a 4-1 exhaust manifold thats gonna be fitted but before i want to know what to do with the cat and stuff to fit it all at once note that i want the cat to stay fitted if i can.
-and i wonder if i can get any parts from the z20net or the a20nht cuz in my country i can find parts easily (scrappy) , maybe use the cams if they fit
So guys any help is appreciated ....


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Dave Gilbert I think it was built the UK's first Z22NET (Z22SE with Z20NET turbo kit) It took quite a lot of work as the 2.2 ECU in the Vectra C can not be mapped due to such small numbers wanting it mapped meant no demand for it so cost would be silly high. Dave ended up swapping all the wiring and control units from the Vectra C Z20NET in to his car then building a 2.2 turbo engine and got that mapped. Made good power from memory.
It's a lot of work bit as Vectra's don't hold their value in the UK it didn't break the bank.
He is not on here much if at all now. You may get hold of him on the same Face book group for Z22SE.co.uk.
It will be all most impossible to get the power you want in a N/A build Z22SE in a Vectra C. Even the older cars that can be mapped will struggle to see those figures and you would need some wild cams and a lot of other work to the head, inlet manifold and full exhaust system. None of which you will find in any other Vauxhall, the 2,4 inlet manifold from the USA is the only stock GM part that will help you. On the Older Vauxhall Z22SE cars most in the UK fit superchargers as you get +100 gain or more on a stock engine for around £1500 all in. A set of cams will set you back £800+ alone.