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2.4 Inlet How 2 fit 2.4 inlet manifold to a vx220

Discussion in 'Inlet/ECU' started by vocky, August 9, 2007.

  1. Right, my old one is off and the new one should be back on tonight :D Is much easier with the clam off. Is there any need to blank off where the EGR pipe used to come from the engine?
  2. i've just bolted my clam back on :roll: but im pretty used to removing and replacing manifolds by now :LOL:

    you can just leave the hole where the pipe used to come from :D
  3. showo..
  4. Hi as I am electrically imcompetent please can someone point out which end of my suppressor attaches to which bolt:
    acdn.z22se.com_userpix_1076_suppressor_1. acdn.z22se.com_userpix_1076_alternator_2.
    notsure.gif notsure.gif notsure.gif
  5. the earth wire (green yellow) goes to the top screw, the red wire (live) goes to the nut

    oh im also electrically incompetent too :LOL:
  6. For those that wants to make a mounting backet for the inlet+ECU!
    I received a drawing from a dutch forum member and made it that way so you can print it at the actual size the metal plate should be.
    May be handy for some??
    I saved the settings and the file can be downloaded with the following link. ... C277B8EDB6

    Keep i mind that there should be no print marge turned on in the print setup (otherwise the drawing will be printed to small).
    At least with me the drawing was printed in 227mm x 160mm in A4 format.

    For those that allready made the mounting bracket could you please check out the file to be certain that these measurements are correct??
    This way we can avoid any misunderstandings or faults in the mounting bracket if there should be.

    I also didn't follow any inlet mods for the astra or other type of cars that have this 2.2 engine so i'm not sure they can benefit from such a mounting bracket.
    If yes, please feel free to post a link to the other topics to.

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  8. I just read that after i posted here. :?
    But doesn't the vx220 require a complete bracket for inlet and ecu?
    I have seen some half bracket's for the ECU alone. dunno..
    Enlighten me please.
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  9. The full bracket was tried and found not to be needed on any model be it vx/Astra/Vectra. The T/B leaked with the full bracket so Adam (Lightening Coupe) cut it in half and this then became the template for all and it works perfectly.

  10. If i'm right the bracket that is cut in half is also bigger in comparison to the original drawing as in the following link. ... &&start=25

    I allready ordered and paid a deposit for the inlet+gasket from the groupbuy here at somewhere back in september.
    It should arrive at in Belgium.
    I'm not sure if the inlet is allready sent at t-factor bikes but if not the bracket may as well be included if possible.
    I'll pay extra for the bracket of coursse.
    But first i need to know about the dipstick thing that i read in a topic title, what is it and will i need this to??
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  11. the dipstick needs a small bracket to enable it to be bolted to the manifold, its in a slightly different place on the 2.4 one.
  12. "then replace the servo pipe one way valve with one from an astra or corsa (90373359) and fit a new piece of servo hose from the valve to the inlet manifold (make sure it's servo hose not water hose) "

    Just reading this guide as planning on having a go at manifold at weekend on the VX (brave or stupid!? Hmm both cryb.. ), do you have to replace this servo hose? Can the existing one not be used? Is it a length issue due to different take off on the 2.4l manifold? So many questions :D


  13. I fitted a 2.4 inlet at the weekend to a vx220, the servo hose is about 75mm too short.

    I would cut the original pipe in half (between the servo one way valve and the inlet manifold) and then fit some pipe to create the correct length.

    you could get a piece of plastic servo pipe from a breakers on buy some new alloy tubing from b&q etc

    you don't need to change the one way valve, just leave the fpr vacuum pipe connected as it was before, but if you are going to fit bigger injectors then you need to fit the one way valve with a vacuum take off
  14. Ah, so I wouldnt need the one way valve that a lot of people speak about if I am using the existing pipe!? Thats a good suggestion about the alloy pipe, Ive got some in the cupboard which I used on my gearleaver shaft! Hopefully its the right diameter! Just getting to grips again with the original thread (the big 20 odd page one!).

    Cheers again Vocky...
  15. just wondering if any one new were i could get some bigger injectors for my astra thanks eddie
  16. it's so long since I fitted one of these that I had to read my own thread before fitting one this weekend :oops:

    I'm quite surprised they are not more popular as it's a great, cheap mod (y)
  17. After fitting the 2.4 manifold it need a remap?
  18. not always, really depends on the ecu. Some work fine after disconnecting the battery for ten minutes.
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