German Astra G Cabriolet


It will take a few days more because he has to remap the traction control too.
And last but not least my programmer is on holydays for two weeks...

so ill be waiting a few days more.


i got my car back on saturday. I had mutch fun sine this time. But now i have some problems with the software or the trottle. I have the 2.0LSJ trottle und i get an error (P1514) if i turn the engine over 4200 rpm. Than the engine stall and i have to switch the key off/on. The error appered 300km after the remap. Has anybody some ideas?



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I have exactly the same error code, but then from 3200 rpm. By the way, that code means: intakemanifoldpressure does not match the actuel throttlebladeposition. So how did it drive then, those first 300km?
Some News heare :)

My Z22SE is history


Unfortunately, he has probably made the conversion but worse than expected. I also wonder about the 5l oil consumed per 100km. That was not acceptable.That's why I removed it on Friday and today was exchanged for my new engine:

Welcome Z20NES:

- Engine: Z20NET
- Number of valves: 16
- Volume (cm³): 1998
- Power (kW bei min-1): 129 / 5500
- Torque (Nm bei min-1): 265 / 2500
- Compression: 9,5 : 1
- Timing: Timingchain
- Special features: balance shafts, sodium exhaust valves, piston cooling, oil / water heat exchanger, Garrett GT20 turbocharger
- Use: Signum (F40CR), Vectra C (F40CR)

For my use of it has been modified:

- Eagle-H-Rods
- Mahle forged pistons (Compression 9:1)
- Finely balanced crankshaft
- New timing chain
- Engine completely overhauled and re-sealed
- Reinforced cylinder head bolts
- Cylinder head adapted to Z22SE
- Lightweight flywheel
- Sport clutch with organic facings
- Oil / water heat exchanger

Stable up to approximately 450HP

The engine blocks identical apart from a few little things. I can get the engines relatively easily replace each other. Since I previously had a cylinder head Z20NET adaptation of this work is already done. Now there are just a few little things to change. We'll see when I get to the installation. And of course it will not be a turbo! Ill build a Z20NES.


I copy from aoc:
The Z20NET is from the vectra c/signum, it's based on the alloy 2.2 block but destroked to 2.0ltr, saab also use this engine in the 9 3.

The engine in the new astra has the iron block of the Z20LET but different ECU and engine codes, Z20LEL 170ps, Z20LER 200ps and Z20LEH 240ps
Good luck with modifications. Nice work there.
Chris, what have you done!? :confused:
I read in your thread that you routed the crankcase ventilation back to your air intake. That might explain why your old engine was using so much oil. I had that setup too, but found that the charger was drawing in oil straight from the head. I just use a small filter now to vent to air. Good luck with the new engine!
Is your Z22se ECU suitable for this Z20nes?