(Very) Close ratio final drive

subscribed, interested to hear about mg3 final drive, plus the 5th gear set is higher.

just trying to found out what this f23 "TR" is?
ATOM X said:
siztenboots said:
subscribed, interested to hear about mg3 final drive, plus the 5th gear set is higher.

just trying to found out what this f23 "TR" is?
is TR the alpha code?
yes , just realised its a fairly standard 3.65 FD which is standard fit for a VXT and Astra coupe iirc

from my thread over on vx.org , for those of us staying with the f23 5 speed

I think this is the 2.0l JTS gearbox 5spd , third and fourth all look good, Final drive ratio 3.73 so you would probably change that. Also seen on 147 1.6 T-spark

looks very similar to a 5 speed F23 as used on the Z20LET with the starter on the inlet side (rear)
Alfa 145 146 ratios
Transmission Ratios  1.4 T.Spark 1.6 T.Spark 1.8 T.Spark 2.0 T.Spark 1.9 JTD 
1st Gear 3.909 3.909 3.909 3.545 3.800 
2nd Gear 2.238 2.238 2.238 2.238 2.235 
3rd Gear 1.520 1.520 1.520 1.520 1.360 
4th Gear 1.156 1.156 1.156 1.156 0.971 
5th Gear 0.919 0.971 0.971 0.946 0.763 
Reverse Gear 3.909 3.909 3.909 3.909 3.545 
Differential final drive pair 3.866 3.562 3.562 3.562 3.176 
Number of teeth 15/58 16/57 16/57 16/57 17/54 

                        2.0 JTS  /	147 1.6TS
No of Cylinders   	4        	
Bore/Stroke (mm)	83/91    	
Capacity (cc)    	1970    	
Compression Ratio	11.5/1    	
Peak Torque (Nm)	206     	
Gear Ratios:	
1st              	3.909:1  	same
2nd              	2.238:1  	same
3rd             	1.520:1  	same 
4th             	1.156:1  	same
5th             	0.946:1  	0.971


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alanoo said:
Dr Lee,

In the end, have you ordered and received the 4.41 FD ? notsure.gif
Parts are made in italy but I cant source them
so bought from US $399 + import VAT

I was quoted £3000 for tooling & £240 per set to get them made in UK

I have not built new gearbox yet
Have you built the box with the 4.41 FD in the end ?

I have trouble finding a saturn parts website that will ship to France these days.

I understand from a guy that fitted the 4.41 FD in france that you have to make some kind of shim or spacer to be pressed in on the pinion end of the shaft for centering issues notsure.gif
Reviving an old thread here. :)

I am curious about this 4.41 final drive.

The zafira 4.17 swap is considered desirable for the vx220, producing better acceleration. Would the 4.41 fd suit even better? Or is there a limit after which performance is reduced...?

Presumably it would be rather miserable for a long stint on the motorway, and reduced top speed, but that is not really a concern for me. Are there other negatives?

Can the crown and pinion be fitted by any transmission specialist or would it want sending to someone who really knows the F23? How much is this likely to cost?
the 4.17 is probably best described as a good compromise gearbox, it gives better accelleration and still has a reasonable top end.

I run the equivalent to a F23 4.85 gearbox in mine and would not change it for anything else, but because it is a six speed M32 I still have the same top speed as a standard 3.95.

Any decent gearbox specialist can fit the 4.4 final drive shaft and crownwheel
Thanks vocky. We all chuck thousands into engine but it seems there is so much potential to release from the gearbox.

My new elise has made me realise the benefit of better suited gearbox. It only has 118hp but I think it accelerates as well as 2.2 vx.

Is it possible to have a one-off custom ratio made at a sub-comedy price? What would be the ideal ratio for f23 on 260-300hp supercharged? I am not sure at what point it turns into too much gear changing and presumably hard to keep traction.
A few years ago I went out in an Elise S with a Toyota engine (189bhp), which was just as quick as mine due to the better gearing.

That was the start of my gearbox modifications, which finally ended with the Alfa Romeo M32 gearbox but with a Corsa VXR 6th gear.

My advice for a stage 2 SC would be the Zafira z22se 4.17 gearbox, it works very well with the SC characteristics, plus it's dirt cheap too.