Gearbox whining


Morning all....
seems like my car has now started to suffer with the dreaded gearbox issues....
whining in 4 & 5 gear....
I have been reading up on a few posts and would like some confirmation on a few points please to help me decide which route to fix this issue...
1.... which box do I have? 07 vec estate 2.2 xp.... m32 I think??
2...Best way to get box out??
3... how much involved is it to replace the barings.... I have read a few posts how others have rebuilt their boxes... however they have said their boxes had problem with 6th gear.....
4..... put different box in ... not m32...??
don't have an issue stripping and replacing bearings ... however end float etc I'm not farmilar with!
5.... which bearning upgrade kit would you recommend... inc end casing?
This advice would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance


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If its 2.2 and six speed it will be m32
That bearing that fails can be changed with the box left in the car but you do have to drop the subframe
Ive had no issue with the standard size snr bearing and the same brand is in the big bearing upgrade altho its a different end case
Lots of info in my 6speed conversion page on this forum both the m32's i have came from vec c z22yh cars
And in most cases the one bearing at the bottom is all that needs to be replaced using the 0.9mm shim and a good quality 75/85 fully synthetic oil on rebuild :)


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courtenay sport do an upgrade kit with the new end case and all the bearings for sensible money or will rebuild your box also for sensible money either taking the box out or you remove box and ship to them.
it is quite an easy box to rebuild.
if the bearing has started to break up i would remove the whole box and replace all bearings as the swarf will have damaged the bearings on the other end and on the diff.
it had on the one i did at 40,000miles. both lay shafts had bearing wear on both ends.


Sorry for the late reply that helps guys thank you ... I plan to take the box out and rebuild it however I've been offered a m32 box from a corse with low miles ... would that be a suitible option or would gear ratios be out?
Quiet a few m32 boxes on different models


only the z22yh or Alfa 2.2 gearboxes are a straight swap

the other option is to get your box repaired or swap over the bellhousing, which requires all the internals to be removed so not an easy task


Thanks Vocky.... was looking at a quicker way to get the car done by having a second box repaired so I could swop straight over .. however today the timing chains started making the sound you just don't wanna hear might be best to remove engine and box and get it all done! Even remove the balance shafts..... think I'll be heading over to the project section pretty soon lol