Fuel Problem?? Vauxhall Zafira 2.2 Petrol Auto 2009 75,000 Miles, Please Help/ Advice


I recently purchased this car last 7 days ago when i bought the car the guy had said that sometimes its sluggish to 1000 RPM then runs and drives like a dream. when i test drove the car there was no indication of the sluggish up to 1000 RPM was completely fine started first time and driven really well could not fault it everything was running as it should have no warning lights on dash no splutters or anything sounding odd.

I had driven it to work and home and gone shopping Day 4 got to work fine with no signs of any problems when i come to leave work, I jumped in put key in ignition and turned key to start i have half a tank of petrol and a good battery, engine was struggling to start so i put foot on the accelerator to see if made a difference and would start but with no success.

i removed key and tried again pumping accelerator this time the engine started but would not idle if i took foot off accelerator even then it was about to cut out and then i removed foot from accelerator and it cut out.

Tried to then start again and again and again then flat battery. So then i am trying to diagnose the problem as follows,

Step 1. Re charged the battery checked fuel pump fuse thi was all fine
Step 2. confirmed fuel pump is working by disconnecting fuel pipe from regulator and turning key, fuel was pumping no problem. This is fine
Step 3. Re connect fuel pipe to regulator try to start still same problem
Step 4. Disconnected the 2 pin plug from regulator went to start engine went to crank over sounded a lot better then did not start.
Step 5. i then connected the 2 pin plug back to fuel regulator and engine was back where i started Fuel issue not starting.

So i am (Guessing) were the only difference and healthy sound was when i disconnected the 2 pin plug to the fuel regulator would the be the tell tale sign of the Fuel regulator being faulty and need replacing?

I realized at this stage the is a paint dot on the Fuel regulator which indicates to me that this was at some point a second hand part? so has been changed previously at some point. Also i see that the HP Fuel pump Continental had pink Dots over it which again says that this was a replacement part previously also?

Would it be highly likely it be the fuel regulator given the outcome so far?

I have seen that the continental Hp pump is the Latest and so called better one as the siemens was the known issue with silent recall.

Have i missed something should i try a sensor somewhere?

I have limited equipment and my vehicles location at work and not at home has made this so much harder for me to diagnose and fix so cant just pop out and try something.

As all of us im sure.. i don't want to pay for parts i don't necessarily need i.e new HP pump when theres something else it may be..

If you can help me with this you would be a great help Thanks for reading my post any help is appreciated.




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For a start off i would change the fuel filter although it not be the main problem

If it's a petrol then i don't think it uses high pressure fuel pump.

If it was myself i would be leaning towards possible blocked or faulty fuel injector/s

There is an inexpensive way of testing these out.

The guy in the video does too much F**king about though with a blow torch

Crocodile clip test leads are just as useful if you do not have a spare injector connector handy.

I've done it a while back with carb cleaner. But as recently as last week used brake cleaner

I had an old can of carb cleaner at home and took the nozzle off of that to put though the tyre valve as it's a bit longer
and stretches the length of the tyre valve.



Good invention cause it fits perfectly over the injector when you remove the O ring

This will let you know if they are blocked and just needing cleaned through or if they are f**ked

You can also use a multimeter to test for a difference in resistance readings between injectors. obviously a difference in reading would tell you that particular injector is faulty.

Done this a while back on a peugeot that would not start and figured out that 3 out of 4 injectors were shafted.

Car also had water in the fuel tank it ran for a little while then another day would not run at all.

Definitely worth a try.