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A20NFT Astra J vxr engine

Discussion in 'Cylinder Head/Block' started by vocky, August 6, 2016.

  1. I think it might have been poor mapping, it was over 350bhp, however it has been pointed out that some A20NFT engines have forged pistons, this one clearly did not.

    Perhaps GM are trying to save a few quid and now use cheaper pistons (n)
  2. are they built in different factories?
    i know that there has been alot of recalls over the years from certain factories :(
  3. wiseco now offer forged pistons for this engine :)
  4. it's been a while but I have made a start on porting the A20NFT cylinder head and inlet manifold

    inlet manifold done :)

    I have seen a few threads about porting the LNF head and it seems to be a bit 'hit and miss' with opening up the inlet ports

    So I made a start on the inlets, if it works great, if not I will stick the original head back on :LOL:
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  5. I have made a start on the exhaust ports

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  6. UK's first A24NFT engine ? :D


    and probably another UK first - two 2.4 LE5 engines sat next to each other :eek:
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