PVS 2013 PVS 2013 Z22SE Stand


I'm glad the stands back on. When the motors clean il get some pics posted. wots the scores on the door regarding number of people going?
Got about 9 now, but people need to start ordering the tickets ASAP so we have the money ready to send off for the tickets at the end of the month.
Cool, I didn’t know the vectras had the low ratio box, last year at PVS I was chatting to a guy from CSport who ownes the z22se astra that was featured in Total Vauxhall and he mentioned his astra had a low ratio box from a zafira.
vectra b's have the same ratio box as the zafira. astra and zafira boxes have the same mount points on them but the vectra b box has the mount points in differant places so not a direct swap into the astra.