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Dave's Astra G with Car PC

Discussion in 'Modification Diaries' started by Dave One, February 22, 2013.

  1. Now that's useful Kev, mine has a knock which on occasions seems to come from the front but then sometimes sounds to the rear. One thing I have found that when driving slowly (walking speed) and rotating the steering wheel from side to side I can get it to knock. The knock isn't there all the time just intermittent and not especially when cornering but when going straight. Think I will have to get it up in the air and have a look at the upper control arm. Are they particularly difficult to fit for someone reasonably mechanically minded?
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  2. I don't honestly know Pete, I'm obviously more familiar with the Vectra B setup but I'll have a look on TIS for you and PM (conversation) you rather than posting back here - don't want to hijack Dave's project thread. :)
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  3. I'm led to believe that the difference between the Powerflex purple and OEM will not be that significant, although the change from the knackered bushes to either will be the transformation. The real benefits are that the OEM will go spongy again over time whereas the polyurethane bushes will stay strong. You can get Powerflex black edition for track use...
  4. I'm led to believe that the difference between the Powerflex purple and OEM will not be that significant, although the change from the knackered bushes to either will be the transformation. The real benefits are that the OEM will go spongy again over time whereas the polyurethane bushes will stay strong. You can get Powerflex black edition for track use...
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  5. Cheers, I think for my use (sedate except for the odd bout of "No way mate are you getting past me", lol) the standard ones may be fine. Just need to find out if it is them and not something else first.
  6. Powerflex FARB Bushes fitted

    I have had an annoying clunking noise for some months now and have done the usual drop link, top mount, wishbone & FARB pry without being to accurately determine the fault. I ruled out drop links as I have the RnD motorsport drop links fitted but have check their fitment to confirm they're 'good to go', the top mounts have had the shallow M12 nut treatment which left the wishbone and FARB bushes. The FARB bushes seemed topical, easiest and most likely so I ordered myself a pair (as shown in the previous post).

    Here's the pics of the N/S with the bracket undone...


    And the O/S in progress...


    There's nothing obvious but the bar was masking the problem. We, Paul Bunce and I, even tried prying the FARB to see if there was any movement but we couldn't make anything happen. You can imagine the shock when we saw this...





    You can see how severely both have worn, but the N/S bushes is shameful.

    A pic of the Powerflex bush going in...


    I'm happy to report that the clunking has gone and the steering is much more responsive. I think changing the drop links to RnD motorsport drop links and having the RARB masked the problem for a while as everything tightened up and felt better - but at the same time it probably finished off the already shot FARB bushes.

    Anyhow, all is good now and my next purchase will be FAI wishbones to finish off the front end steering/suspension.
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  7. Rear Spring Mounts

    When I done the exhaust a few weeks back it was noticed that the Rear Spring Mounts were perished. I got a set from Turbo Chris (thanks very much) and fitted them at Paul Bunce 's (Cheers bud). Not much to say really, they'd perished over time and needed replacing.

    What they looked like in situ...


    What they looked like off the car, and why they needed replacing...


    The new set to go on...


    Job done :D.
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  8. Sony RM-X4S Remote for Car PC

    Let the hacking continue... This time I've hacked a Sony RM-X4S Remote to Control my Car PC.

    I already have the steering wheel controls for general control and heated seat switches converted for menu selection but the Sony RM-X4S Remote is a combination of the two. My steering wheel controls require investigation as the Mk6 conversion has not worked properly since installation - I just need to remove the steering wheel controls and check the wiring.

    The Sony RM-X4S Remote has what's known as a resistive ladder internally. General resistive ladders are open circuit or very high resistance until a button is pressed. The button press allows the circuit to complete at a lower resistance to which the detection device reacts.

    Here's my calculations for the Arduino sketch (program) - For anyone interested in more details drop me a PM...

    Here's the Sony RM-X4S Remote (I have a new one for fitment to the car thanks to @autosparks)...

    Next job is to create a loom to supply 5v (taken from the USB hub:)), a load resistor (in this case 4.7k), the Arduino Uno voltage monitoring lead and a 3.5mm female jack for the Sony RM-X4S Remote to plug into.

    The lead completed - not bad for the prototype test lead :)...

    And fitted in the car for testing...

    When fitted properly I'll post a pick of the actual location, likely to be on the steering column.
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  9. Track Rod Ends Again!

    Well, its only been 14 months since changing the Track Rod Ends and the OSF already has some play. I'm thinking a combination of eBay (supposedly OEM spec) and bad roads. This time I bought QH!


    The old one...


    The shiny new one (albeit the opposite side)...


    They should be good for now. I'm off to get the tracking checked now :).
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  10. PC Touchscreen Working Again

    I managed to get the PC Touchscreen working again after testing, finding out the case was affecting the ribbon cable and dremelling the case :). Very happy to have the PC back after 6 weeks of absence!


    Being so happy about the PC working I temporarily mounted the Sony RM-4XS remote :).



    Short and sweet update but more to come soon :).
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  11. Audio Change

    I've decided that the JBL GT5-A604 4 channel Amplifier and JBL GT5-12 Subwoofer are no longer required, as such I'm going to need a head unit to run the door speakers. I'm now searching the internet for a Pioneer DEH-P80MP, or any Pioneer with rear aux input would be suffice but I just love the Pioneer DEH-P80MP :) (hint, hint ;)).
  12. Sad times :(

    My project has come to an end. I've given myself until the end of September to return the car to standard - well anything that is worth the effort, and it's all going as my car modding days are officially over :(. I've enjoyed the experience but there's so much I need to do to the house I need to focus my efforts, and money, on that ;).
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