1. Matt's Astra SXI

    Matt's Astra SXI

    2006 Astra SXI
  2. slaney21

    Wanted Z22SE coilpack

    Hi all after a coilpack for a zafira A 2.2 SRI if possible please. Trying to eliminate an issue that has come to light and first port of call is trying one that works this time round! Many thanks :)
  3. Scott howsam

    Signum upgrades

    Hi newbie here , finding it very difficult to find places to tune my signum I've managed a remap Induction kit And a cat back custom power flex I'm after bigger gains , maybe a bigger turbo that's a direct replacement as I have a 2.0l turbo but the turbos are all low compression .....any help...
  4. Sjdickso

    Roof bars / Rails

    looking at getting some for the Astra for additional space while doing a tiny bit of traveling. Just missed a set on ebay last night, anyone know if the MK5 fits the MK4 with the genuine ones? Are they easy to fit?
  5. PowR Remap

    Astra G Boot Lid Emblem - 90543889

    For: Astra G Coupe, Convertible & Saloon only P/N: 90543889 Price: £14.70
  6. G


    Geneva/Luton – Vauxhall is to make four world premieres at the Geneva Motor Show including the full-size, four-seat convertible, the Cascada, the ADAM ROCKS and R2 concepts and the super-efficient 1.6-litre diesel engine in the Zafira Tourer ... Continue reading...
  7. Matt

    Update News Feeds

    I've added a few more news feeds into the forum, one Vauxhall news, and a couple of detailing news feeds, which are now going into the new section I've created for them.
  8. Purchase!


    This is just as I bought the car 3 years ago (22nd July 2004), with 40,000 miles on the clock. That weekend I took it down to Devon. After driving a 1.1 106 for 2 years, it was such an improvement.