Signum upgrades

Hi newbie here , finding it very difficult to find places to tune my signum
I've managed a remap
Induction kit
And a cat back custom power flex

I'm after bigger gains , maybe a bigger turbo that's a direct replacement as I have a 2.0l turbo but the turbos are all low compression .....any help is be grateful
Scott, where abouts in the UK are you and what is the engine code for your car not that up on the 2.0t engines.

I was thinking the same after your above mods, bigger intercooler re-circ valve?

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You might not gain much with intercooler but along with some hard boost pipes it will hold boost better and longer.

Fitted a front mount intercooler on my friends fiat coupe turbo in standard form with hard boost pipes and it boosted earlier and harder for longer than without, then we got it mapped with a standard hybrid turbo and saw 312bhp once mapped.


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The later facelift Z20NETs use a larger Mitsubishi turbo, I believe its bolt on but needs different oil and water pipe's and is the one used on the Saab vertion of the lump. Maptune seams to be one of the best "Big" tuners for this engine, but as evo said, pop onto the NET facebook page, there seams to be a good bit of chatter on there and not forgetting the Vec C and Saab forums.
I'd love a high end turbo that's a direct bolt on , I'm not really mechanically mind engine wise but I know what I want just need "alot" of info getting the correct info , sites to buy from at a reasonable price