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    new clutch and flywheel z22se f23 box

    hello ppl i have had a bunch of problems with me vectra as some of u have help me with i,ve take off the gearbox to look at the clutch and flywheel and yes its bad it is blue/yellow all over from heat i think it is crucked and way to much slip on it so new flywheel for sure the clutch plate as...
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    Lightweight flywheel and fast road clutch

    Evening folk, I recently bought a lightweight flywheel and fast road clutch from Courteney sport. I put it in to a local garage to have it all fitted, however, they have just called me to say it's not lining up. Has anyone ever had an issue with this job?
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    Clutch Question

    My Vectra B 2.2 came to me through family, just before I got it, it went into a garage because gears could not be engaged, they put clutch kit on bill and car has done 40000 since, but when I got car soon after this it had pressure/friction plates and realese bareing in a box, does the slave...