Lightweight flywheel and fast road clutch

Evening folk, I recently bought a lightweight flywheel and fast road clutch from Courteney sport. I put it in to a local garage to have it all fitted, however, they have just called me to say it's not lining up. Has anyone ever had an issue with this job?
it is possible they are talking about the clutch cover, there are six mounting holes and three require drilling out to 8.0mm as the factory flywheel uses 6 x 7.0mm bolts and the courtenay fly uses 6 x M8 studs and nuts


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Torque settings for standard components are:

Flywheel bolts* :
Stage 1 : 53 Nm (39 lbf ft)
Stage 2 : Angle-tighten a further 25°
(* use new fasteners)

Pressure plate retaining bolts : 28 Nm (21 lbf ft)
Release cylinder mounting bolts : 5 Nm (4 lbf ft)

Hope this helps :)
Evening gents, car is still in the garage. They tried to bleed the clutch today and found a leak at the bleed nipple. Is a new O ring the only thing required to fix this or would I be better off replacing the little alloy assembly? the mechanic said hes opened it up to see if he could see any issues so is assuming perished O ring. Thanks in advance.
thats another common issue - the seal should be attached to the metal pipe coming out of the gearbox, not inside the little alloy assembly - otherwise it will leak

This is a M32 gearbox, but exactly the same parts, the metal pipe is sticking out of the gearbox, the black seal is in the plastic bag and the metal assembly should have no seal inside