cam chain

  1. Euan Struthers

    Just did chain running rattly down on a cylinder

    I did the chain went great for a couple of weeks, then started getting sluggish, went down to 3 cylinders, now Sounds like a bag of spanners, ??? Any information would be great guys
  2. DeanMG

    Any Cam Chain fixers near Chesham?

    Hi all, New member and first post... I bought a Vectra B 2.2 on 81k miles last month without being aware of the timing chain issue and guess what...! It hasn't snapped yet, but is rattling on start-up now (chain cover also leaking), and has the "old" tensioner fitted. Just wondered if there's...
  3. chizo82

    FAI Timing / Balance Chains

    Hi All, I'm looking to replace my Timing and Balance chains soon. I know i should really got for GM parts, but has anybody had any issues with the FAI kits available for purchase on here? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated... Cheers
  4. D

    cam chain help please

    tried fitting timing chain kit yesterday ...... how do i no if correctly timed in...... the chain i have has 3 blue markings on....will it be timed if i line up the marking with the markings on the cogs... could someone please help many thanks
  5. evocarlos

    cam chain fitted day 1 part 1 take 2

    ok so today i poped up to see amy @amzie with her vectra c amy sent me a pm to say could i come and have a look she had taken the car to a garage where we are not sure what happened but upon my arrivle it was clear there was valve damage not 1 or 2 but 8 all 8 inlet valves were double bent and...
  6. A

    chain hasn't snapped

    Hey my chain hasnt snapped but one of the guide rails has and has knocked the timing out. its at my mates garage and he is doing it when he can but I so need it done. I dont have much knowledge of the internals
  7. R

    Question About Timing

    Hi All, Car has been dead for about 3 weeks and the new cam chain and balance chain kits have spent the last two weeks waiting to be used. Yesterday was D Day and the engine was stripped. Both chains were slack and several plastic chain guides were in bits with large pieces of plastic...
  8. Mark Dj

    How 2 fit cam chains

    It's time to do my cam chain and balance shaft chain 63.. . Do I just swap bits over at a time as I grab then from the kit I have? First things first. I need to set my timing up before I start and work, then I need to know how the old chain comes off notsure.gif . Do I need to remove the spark...
  9. C

    Possible Cam Chain Failure?

    Hey guys. My first post as a newbie on here. I bought a 2003 vectra 2.2 Direct auto at lunchtime yesterday for a reasonable price with 77k miles and full service history. On the latest stamp the timing chain had been replaced by the trader I bought it from. By 10pm yesterday (Only 10 hours...