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    Oil consumption

    what breather system have you got ?
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    Wanted B207 cam gears

    Anyone got a good pair of cam gears without locating tabs I can buy ?
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    Strange oil pressure z22se

    Replace the pressure sensor, they usually only go to 10 bar and do have a tenancy to fail.
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    Big end bearing clearance

    bore guage was out of calibration, clearance is correct. thanks for the replies.
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    Fuel rail

    drop me a pm i have a spare.
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    Big end bearing clearance

    Hi all Currently forging a z22series and I'm measuring everything as I go. Found an issue with the clearances after the bigends. Spec says 0.041 to 0.043 I have 0.08. I have used the usual Gm shells set. Looking at the spec Crank size and big end size Gm provide it seems minimum size...
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    Tragic death of Luke Richardson

    It is with regret that I have to inform the community that Luke sadly died yesterday in a car accident. I don’t have full details other than he was in a convoy leaving a car show in Wales. Luke had one of the most individual VX220's out there, I know Vocky knew him well as his was powered by...
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    Wanted Wanted z22se supercharger kit

    PM sent
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    Wanted Stage 3 blower cams

    Changed to stage 3. lol
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    Valve depth in head

    Thank you.
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    Wanted Stage 3 blower cams

    A mere 300bhp - im even considering forged pistons to be over kill and may settle for 280
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    Valve depth in head

    Hi all Just about to re-cut my valve seats. I read that the depth should be 40.1mm, measured from top of valve stem to spring seat. What is the maximum permissable depth ? Just want to avoid over cutting the depth, would normally just do a couple of turns to freshen up, but this head has been...
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    Wanted Stage 3 blower cams

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    Z22se vs b207 intake valves

    Don't suppose you have a couple of saab intake valves hanging about ?