Astra G NCDR 1100 and cid investigation

Hello guys!Im putting SAT nav in the Astra i got the complete set from another car which will be married and working,but my mechanic asked me where is the secondary ariel for the SAT NAV is there a secondary ariel or the original works for the navi and radio also ?Do you have photo if there is secondary because the guy who sold me the whole set can't find the ariel for the NAVI.

Thanks in advance!
I installed CID in the car i wired the car like its written in the posts i double checked everything i made the same adapter plug so i am sure that the first 16 pins are going directly straight to the 16pins of the 36 PIN plug.I wired the 12pin plug to the 36 pin plug they can't be wrong because the colors are matching.When i press the brake pedal CID is reacting but its only that i cant control cid from wiper buttons neither ncdr buttons.Its just staying on "Brake pads warning " and thats it.