Astra G NCDR 1100 and cid investigation

Lets hope the navigation works better in yours than it does in mine. It tells me that there are only three roads in a place local to me when I know there are a lot more, lol. Plus I wish they would make it work with postcodes. Almost wish I could insert my Garmin software in there, lol.
i only have the 2004 disc but it works local to if i use it it would only to be to get home my phone has better nav than tum tum and garmin :)
Got a mate at work that has the 2010 version of maps I think that's the last one to work with that system. Hopefully he will bring it in soon give it a try. Roads have changed a lot in 11 years


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£6 gps aerial installed and with the car outside ive got the GPS in green to show its connected to satellites :)
still getting 30+mpg even without the engine installed lol
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had a mate round today with tech2 so we could sort the cd changer but due to technical difficulties with the tech2 unit no connection was made
Hi Evo,
What kind of GPS aerial have you used ?
I tried an active GPS antenna but there is no gps signal received.
I use this but with smb plug:
Have you a passive antena version ?
I don't have the original gps loom in my car, maybe i have to put 5v on the antenna wire ?
Is it wrong frequency ?


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Got another question, mate!
What was original led size? Same as PLCC-2 or smaller?
Just got mine PLCC-2, but they seems too big for soldering nice and snug. Seem to be 1206 :(
Hi to all
i need your help.
my car is an Astra G coupe Z20let
before i have installed phillips CCRT 700 radio - telephone unit + blaupunkt 6 disc unit
but my car Astra G coupe turbo have all the wires and connectors and i install Ncdr 1500 + cid+telematik+ cd changer
all work good. have already installed the wires and connector ( a small one) for mobile phone. so i change the connector( small) and connect the nokia telematic connector ( bigger connector)
microphone is in perfect condition

now i have ncdr 1500 connected with 4 disc unit , cid and Telematic
i bought from ebay from the same car with the codes
went to opel and all marriend with Tech II
when someone call me i can hear very clear but they not hear me very good
i change microphone ( new one) but nothing
its like i talk from the bottom of a well
maybe you know something about this issue?

also i have an extra ncdr 1500 without code. when i connect this ncdr with cid shows ( display safe) . is possible to found codes?

before i had in my car the ccrt 700 unit . did you know if this unit can connect with the cid?
thanks for your time
Hi EvoCarlos! How are you doing?

I know, it was so much time ago, and many people bothering you bout your projects, but here in my country the Astra G CID system never was installed in the Chevrolet cars, and I dont people to ask about this system.

I got a CID as the same you got, part number 24459629, but when I put ground on pin 29, it does not show me the Headlamp Range screen.

Do you remember what did do to see this screen?