1. fuzilla

    Astra 2.2 Cooling fan problem

    Hey guys! I've noticed that my Astra 2002 Z22SE engines cooling fan doesn't work. So far I've replaced the cooling fan, both heater resistors on the fan, the control unit behind bumper for AC and cooling fan and it still won't work. Also tried taking off the plug from temperature sensor, which...
  2. sinisa97

    Rubber O-rings for Heater Matrix

    Hello all, I just found out that my heater matrix is leaking coolant on my carpet when temperature is below 0 ( Celsius ). I pulled apart plastic housing that heater matrix sits on top of and found that coolant is going pass the pipe joints. i'm thinking there are rubber O-rings in that pipe...
  3. Mitch083

    Both fans stuck on

    I've got a astra bertone 2.2 an both the cooling fan an the Ac fan are stuck on full all the time even when i turn off the engine i have to flick the key to stop the fans Properly. I've tried to change the cooling Module and that didn't stop it can you help please