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    Suspected timing chain problem

    You don't need to soak it in anything. Literally just press the end against a hard surface and it'll extend
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    Handbrake cable part number

    This is the one I fitted to my coupe which has the Lucas calipers fitted:
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    Astra g 2.2 convertible exhaust

    IIRC it'll fit, but the coupe/cabby need a longer backbox
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    Vectra b split aircon connector

    Do you need the pipe with the valve in? Let me know if you do as I might still have one knocking around
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    Anyone have a valve compressor

    Just get one of these
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    Premium fuels

    I have heard of needing to run a tank of fuel through to notice any difference
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    Treating the astra to this!

    I would be very surprised if this makes any difference at all, this is the same company that says their air filters give an increase in horsepower and acceleration. But each to their own :)
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    They were probably difficult to remove because of the threadlocker, but are most probably M6
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    For Sale Bits and pieces

    Had a clear out and found some bits sitting around which I have no use for. Head gasket £5 Head bolt set £5 Valve stem seals £5 Crank pulley bolt £1 All brand new, postage extra. Might save them a trip to the bin and someone else a couple of quid
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    Are my cams in sync

    Yes that's normal, it's when the cylinder is under compression. Cross your fingers now and start it up!
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    Z22SE Car stalls continously driving me crazy

    Does it stall on lpg or petrol? Have you serviced the lpg side of it recently?
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    Wanted Z22se exhaust manifold,

    thats a heatshield
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    Interior Astra G dash removal how to guide

    Yes you have to make the hole, but it gets covered up again with the replacement panel. I don't know the exact procedure for the astra, maybe it might be worth checking with someone who has a copy of TIS to know for sure
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    Interior Astra G dash removal how to guide

    Hi Pepi, I changed the evaporator on my old vectra and there was no need to remove the dash. I removed the side of the centre console in the passenger footwell, and there was a cover that could be removed to allow access. You can buy a replacement cover that fits over the hole once you replace...
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    Zafira Speedo Cluster Not Working (swap)

    Not on my astra you never, look in the eeprom menu under instrument cluster