Zafira Speedo Cluster Not Working (swap)

Hey Guys

I have just had an 03 Zafira arrive where the instrument panel is not working, The lights all work but the temp gauge, Fuel gauge, Odometer and speedo are not working.. The cluster seems to be a making a fast ticking sound and the odometer needle is just vibrating. I hate electrics and would not know where to start so im thinking ill just swap out the cluster with an 04 Astra

My question is before i start is there anything i need to know or are they just plug and play? The speedo is coming out of a 2.2 Astra Convertible (looks the same as the zafira)
you should be okay if it's a z22se engine, but really depends on whether the car has CANbus or Half CANbus. But I think that was a little later 2004>