z22yh / z20net turbo

hi i was looking on ebay and i came across a tuning box so i asked on facebook ( vectra owners) if anyone had any experience with these tuning box's to which the replies all more or less said that you might as well get it mapped ,i have looked into getting it remapped in the past and not had much luck as it seems that there are only a few places in the country that can do it and for not much gains (upto 15 bhp) then i googled some more and found a post that was advising someone with the 2.2 z22yh engine to put a z20net turbo on as it would fit and this is what i need advice on is it possible? how hard is it? how expensive is it? and of course what could i look at getting from it if it can be done?.
all and any advice and help appreciated
thanks in advance
Its never been done.

but I am in the process of of building a z22se turbo

out of z20net turbo parts and z22se engine and car in a vectra c.

would be a different ball game with the z22yh engine and I cant comment on that but shouldnt be much different to mine.

have a search on here for z22se/z20net turbo. Im close to the fitting and mapping stage and looking at around 210bhp from it.


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Welcome to the forum Barry.

The NET's manifolds are pretty much bolt on for the z22se but the z22yh has a totally different head, you'd somehow have to get a custom inlet manifold made.

As you can see this z22yh manifold has 2 runners per cylinder.