z22yh will not start/ fire at all???

well they only say thats what thier field remedy tells them for my fault code.

is it possible to do a compression test on a z22yh? the haynes manual says its not unless the car is running as the electronic throttle does not operate properly until the car is running, is this correct?
sure you can take all your plugs out n try it ? does it sound like its got no compression , I rebuilt my head to find out it wouldn't start ? , did compression test none or little compression , everybody saying rings , turned out to be hydraulic lifters ? even though they were brand new , worth a try ??????????
my camshaft locking tool turned up... :( inlet cam is a few teeth out....

head off job now.

is I would taking the chain off realigning the inlet cam and try starting it again before taking the head off and replacing the chain kit just to see if it will start?

as when I put the endoscope down the cylinders I couldn't see an damage on the pistons of valves...
oh haha

think im going to realign it and then do a compression test and if its all good put a full new chain kit on. if not rebuild.

did you solve this problem?
I have similar problem... at beggining engine was running on 3cyl. I cleaned inlet manifold and rebuild pressure pump. But with no difference... after few minutes I pressed accelerator and engine was choking and shaking. So I truned off engine and now I can't start it. No error code, fuel pressure is 430 - 550kPa, when starting about 1300kPa.
Could it be chain??